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    When I was 9 yrs old my sister passed away from MS. I was in bed asleep and (I shared a room with my other sister), my eldest sister is the one that passed. She was in the hospital up at Sterling , IL., some 4 hours away. This was 4o yrs ago. So medical technology was not as advanced as it is now. But she had severe MS. It paralized her organs and she could not breath on her own or walk or speak. She was 21 yrs of age at the time of her death. But , as I was saying I was only 9 yrs old and there were 5 of us kids. She was the eldest and I was the youngest. there were 3 of us girls and 2 boys. My mom and dad went to the hospital in Sterling which was 4 hrs from where we lived and we had a babysitter that came to stay with us while they were gone. When we went to bed that night, we were all wondering what was going on. We really didn't know the seriousness of her illness. We eventually fell asleep, and it is hard for me to say, actually how long i had been sleeping, but my sister appeared in our room . She appeared to me at the foot of my bed, but like she was floating in the air, standing up , but she was like in the air, maybe 2-3 feet off the floor. She had a glow about her, and she said Cathy, I am gone now, but you will be ok. I wanted to tell you that I was going away, and that everything will be o.k. She said Mom will come in and tell you girls and dad will go in and tell the boys, but you will be o.k. I tried to talk to her, but she told me she had to go, and again she said not to worry, that I would be o.k.. But the strange thing is that it was like she wasn't really speaking, her mouth never moved, but she was smiling and was very calm. I woke my other sister up and told her what had happened and she became very angry with me for telling her that Sharon had passed. She told me to leave her alone and that Sharon would be home with mom and dad. Well, that never came to be, Sharon did pass away, and mom came home and told us girls and dad went in and told the boys that she had passed. My other sister looked at me and told mom and dad that it was my fault that she had passed, and told them what I said and then I told them what had happened and they told me that I had been blessed with a visit from her on her passing. Her and I was very close and I resemble her the most. I will never forget this for as long as I live. I do believe that there is an afterlife and that some people do posess the power to communicate in this manner. I have had other things happen and will write more of them later. I am not asking if anyone believes this or not, because i know that it happened. I just wanted to share this with you and see how many others that this has happened to, and hear your experiences. Thanks to this site for letting me air this after all these years.

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    Interesting. Transitional ghosts are the most common kind of ghost known. Aldo I never heard an account on this scale.

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    Welcome Catshaff, and thank you for the warm and personal story. You truly were blessed to have such an encounter. I have heard of others like this, too. They seem to occur more frequently upon the death of a loved one.

    You tell a good story, so please share more if you care to and have the time.
    "In the last days perilous times will come, for men shall have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof." 2 Tim 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor Witness
    You tell a good story, so please share more if you care to and have the time.
    It was an interesting story, although proper punctuation and Paragraph Breaks would drastically help in reading the story. But that's just me.

    I dunno, but if that ever happened to me, it'd freak the shit outta me.
    Good work with not going nuts, Catshaff.

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    I had something similar happen to me a few years ago. My uncle passed away from a heart attack, he was on life support at the time. My family had to race to florida where he was in the hospital so his seperated wife couldn't pull the plug and collect the life insurance policy, which, sadly happened (leaving my cousin broke and having to pay for college himself, instead of with the money he deserved). We had just arrived at the hotel we were staying at, and, being very close to one of the few blood relatives I have on this earth, I was extremely sad and worried about him. All of a sudden the most sublime peace I've ever experienced came over me. I knew he had crossed those pearly gates and he wanted to tell me. I got the message, and ever since I've been at peace with his passing. I still miss him of course, but I never grieved for his passing after that encounter. Actually, I've never told anyone this for some reason.

    Occasionally I feel his presence when I'm in a dangerous situation or a situation that is scaring me, and I can call upon his love for me to protect me. May sound crazy but I don't care, still gives me a feeling of connectedness to one of my few blood relatives I ever had known.

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    ol brother is a mountain climber. went out west to do some climbing and for some reason i tried to call him (never called before on any trip, which he takes about 8 a year for 20 years)
    Couldn't get a hold of him. He called later that night from a hospital after being attacked.

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