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Thread: Hello All!

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    Raw TV

    Hello All!

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to introduce ourselves! We are Raw TV (Gold Rush, Locked Up Abroad, The Imposter), and we are searching for the cast of a new docu-series. The series will chronicle that groupís experience building their own self-sufficient homestead.

    Are you one of the growing number of Americans who are trying to become self-sufficient and truly independent, and are moving off-grid to realize these goals?
    Do you want to forge your own way of life out in the wilderness and outside of mainstream society?

    If you think youíve got the know-how, tenacity, passion, and true frontier grit to pioneer your own way of life - and the charisma to galvanize other Americans to follow your example - please email us your story.

    Thanks all,
    Raw TV

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    Raw TV
    Just wanted to update you all with our awesome new trailer to give you a better idea of our project. If anyone is interested, please contact us at CASTING@RAW.CO.UK. Still looking for participants!

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    Is this a joke?
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    Hello to everyone and have a nice time to meet you here. I always like to introduce with new friends .

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