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    Due to its properties bacterias tend to die off when confronted with honey. Just thought I'd post the tip here.

    This is what wikipedia has to say about it.

    FYI, normally a scratch can kill. With modern medicine that isn't much of a problem, but once that stops being available a honey compress can help a lot if you wound yourself when society has disintegrated.

    On top of that it can be useful for some other medical issues.

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    I enjoy local honey. I seek it above all else. Local flowers help acclimate one to local allergens. My wife does not buy into this... I do not sneeze.... I spend shit loads of money on allergy medicine just to listen to her sneeze.

    BUUUUUuuuut If I can't find any truly local honey... or anything even remotely close to home.... .....ewwww..... I laoth to admit but I have bought generic honey just once... but recently... I still have half that bear...


    It's that damn good!
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    Well, the stuff has been used for centuries to supress/fix various ailments. On top of that, some hospitals are (succesfully) using it now to treat skin infections which won't go away.

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