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Thread: The secret of the Illuminati and why they are identifiable yet unstoppable.

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    The secret of the Illuminati and why they are identifiable yet unstoppable.

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    The secret of the Illuminati and why they are identifiable yet unstoppable.

    The Illuminati is a natural consequence and phenomenon of our monetary system. It cannot help but exist, whether we want it to or not. That is why it is unstoppable.

    Who controls the Illuminati?
    Collectively, we do. Directly and through our governments. They are in plain sight at the top of our socio economic demographic pyramid.

    The Illuminati is a known group of people or corporations whom we allow to operate. It has been manipulating and controlling society for many years with Government and societal approval and collusion. Let me be clear. The Illuminati exist because we all allow them to. We allow ourselves to be led and manipulated to their ends. All of us including you support them every time you take a job or buy a product. We contribute to their coffers and agenda daily while at the same time, they cannot help but contribute to our welfare. This is of course a minimal contribution on their part. This being the only drawback to the present system.

    Should the Illuminati be stopped?
    No. If they ever did disappear, we would invent a new Illuminati.

    Why not stop them?
    Because society would go to chaos and our socio economic demographic pyramid would collapse. This collapse would only be for a short time. It would soon resume its natural and uncontrolled shape.

    Should the Illuminati be given more power?
    Yes. They could stabilize our common and bring a higher long term profit and wealth for all.

    Will we give them more power?
    No. People fear what is already there and fear their own power to rule and control the economy. We are cowards and fear that we lack the wisdom and thus allow chaos to run our economy.

    If you are wise, you will know that you can know who the Illuminati are and you will also know that you are helping them exist.

    Are you aware of this?

    Their secret identities are in plain sight to the wise. If you do not know them yet or how you are helping them exist, letís chat.


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    What are they illuminated by? -A clay smudge-pot filled with bat-droppings in a cave, back in 1011 BCE? They remind me of the ugga-oom guys from Wild Wild West.

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