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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    the greatest profit is easily pulled out from the customer that's most clouded with error (the errorist; every salesman likes the kids therefore)

    "It's politically correct to kill whites these days. What is so strange is the fact that we white farmers feed the black population. But look at Zimbabwe. The black leaders have engineered a famine against their own black citizens. It's as if it's all part of some horrible 'master plan.' Apparently getting blacks to starve blacks to death doesn't really bother anyone in the Western world."

    Kloppers explained how rogue blacks broke into her farmhouse and tried to rape and rob her family, which includes four teenaged daughters. Many of the killings of white farmers include the torture, rape and mutilation of women, including small children, toddlers and even babies.
    If the world wants to understand what I have to say, if the world wants to understand "star NIBIRU". Then the world must understand the "Ethinc and Islamic" threat, and the threat identified by the sterlization process, can be an incredible threat, if it is not treated as what it is, a variable that can only be contained by the public knowledge and intervention of the forsaid threat.

    Mankind is being Crucified by the Judgement Process's translation of the relationship of "faith". Crucifixion is designed to kill a negative relationship, and this is what the law of NEWLIFE is designed to do, first and foremost. It is because they want to do bad things, it is because it is the basis of their freewill that the threat is what it is, an inevitable conflict, and a matter of "when" not a matter of "if". "star NIBIRU" is a crucifixion plain and simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    the first among the things that stand above the HUMAN DECLARED LAWS (which are in fact agreements reflecting the will or better yet the benefit driven thirst of the human majority made up entirely of invalids) are the letters (without them letter how would you announce speak offer the laws for voting), then above the letters are the numbers and on top of everything comes the supreme prime being number EDEN (1)
    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    even if death is eminent to us all, we still have a choice to make about how we leave this world:
    1) single agony vs many pleasures: disappoint the mankind beast, don't give him kids and die sex-sins-free
    2) triple-double your agony: please the mankind beast and die because of it.

    the only condition to possess anything that can be possessed in life is to be alive. god gives you the life for nothing in return with only one measurement of precaution "don't give A fuck at least 169 years ahead" cause the next step in the row after "giving A fuck" is "life given away" and there go lost all your possessions.

    You are speaking of the Fibonacci Sequence, as a representation of the HUMAN DECLARED LAWS, the Fibonacci Sequence eventually produces the "Golden Ratio" (or Phi Ratio), EDEN (EDEN a representation of the intent of "faith"'s relationship with man, the Law of NEWLIFE).

    Humanity reaches a point of development where it is granted Evolution into a higher state, the emnity between man and god, reflected between man and creation will not exist in the new universe.

    As big and beautiful as the earth is, it will be destroyed very easily at the end of time, and so will the enemies of the sons of god, the sons of god or the ARMY OF EDEN, represents elements of the evolution of man into the hyperdimensional state.

    thanks for the responses

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    Great thread.
    "The Alice-in-Wonderland nature of this pronouncement is not lost on me..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    not willing to cooperate for as long FA = - FR
    Quote Originally Posted by Nu Kua View Post
    Great thread.
    I will create a new intrepretation and salvage whatever insight this discussion has afforded, as a benefit to the reader. Most of the ideologies presented were off center to begin with, because they were not as correct as they could be, I can imagine this was the basis for the deletion of the posts. Sadly I will be unlikely to respond to future arguments you present.

    If your intrepretation has failed it should be indicated to the reader, or politely request a moderator to remove the thread you created.

    Thanks Again for the Short Discussion
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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    i speak of here was rare insight on how my astro magnet unifies God and Satan in holy marriage. i regret for deleting it. it came to me as a real surprise how solving the problem in the field of electromagnetism reflected back in the field of religion and discovering how deviltry and divine unite in single human..................this is my table of 22-parallel interpretations.
    (6x0) x (6x0) = 6x0

    This universe turncoats its hyperdimension relationship into the "void", (your blue and white circle), it is then at this "void" (the center star of David), a gateway to accomodate the hyperdimensional relationship from the "OTHER-VERSE" is made, this is seen as a "star", it is then from this interaction point the "UFO's or fingers of god (the ARROWS)" perform the rapture and translate human consciousness, into a intermitten state, before humanity is translated in the "other-verse", as living conscious beings............The Artificiality of this environment only allows the perception and all interaction of human beings to take place on a finite number of dimensions, the degree of this activity is directed towards allowing humanity to percieve what is taking place (this represents the 4 ying/yang symbols). The Artificiality of this environment is part of the judgement process and it is used towards the RAPTURE.

    Heaven, Eden, and the Aliens, Edna are conspiring to turn very advanced and multidimensional relationships into representations in this environment, the UFO is a fabrication in the lower dimension. So is the falling star, but these process represent what is taking place on super dimension scales, for the benefit of mankind and the artificiality of this environment.

    ........Just because I know what is taking place does not mean I am above having a few billion human beings exterminated as a representation of "faith", and that is exactly what I intend to have done, and this is exactly what will be done.

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    IS IT REALLY WHAT YOU WANTED TO SAY, DO YOU STILL THINK THE SAME.......the conclusion could be as simple as: if the only TIME to act is NOW then the only ACTION can only be "move away from the center of act" -- Center of Mental Health -- "act only when you have more options available", "don't let your self be the choice of automatism but be the one with freedom of choice"
    This Universe is a templated based on the angel of the most high Eden (heaven). It is like a shadow, that comes before the creature. It is this shadow that forms the basis of the translation which will be completed by the Aliens, Edna. "Freewill" is based on what you are able to percieve, we are free to interact with less then a hand full of dimensions, the rest are outside of our ability in this environment, and they do not factor against the "freewill" we do possess. To accept the judgement of the translation is an expression of "freewill", according to the law. To reject the judgement is the result of automation - This universe which is the template of the most high will be dissolved, this universe is not the full potential, but the translation of this template is the "full potential".

    Heaven percieves the translation from a different vantage point, than the Aliens, but the intrepretation is the same, humanity is being translated or dissolved (both).

    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    and now the madmatics kicks in................ life is a stage we're all actors but we never get to see the actor EDEN (1) ??? where from he does his act ??? my imbalance carrying ability is the smallest possible i can stand only the pressure of EDEN (1) !!!......................the control unit visualizes: why do we do all our errors ??? because of our ignorance. can you make me do the same error twice ??? fool me once -- shame on you, fool me twice -- shame on me. then error-ism is the eternally mutable subject to change while knowledge enriches our awareness to stays eternally permanent in our protection.
    The Mathematics of what is taking place at the end of time can only be expressed as a "song", that is the reflection of the human experience of the relationship of "faith", this environment. We are able to reflect against the hyperdimensional reality of what we are, but we are not able to obtain any kind of dominion or definitive expression of it, this is apart of the design of this environment. The realization of our greatest limitation and strength, the relationship of this universe as a incubation arena, and we can see this as a song.

    thanks for the responses...., I view this as a more correct intrepretation on your part, and a reflection of truth, we can identify and acknowledge our limitation in this environment and this is "faith", there is an extent of what we can produce on the subject. Whatever else is simply an increase in incorrectness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    all my trouble reduce to this single question:
    as if i need to know and yet don't know ???

    Adeda's Arc -- Gateway to KADES SAKASH in The A DOTCHE (most probably T = LF).

    there's no point in asking where is the human collective cause it is target on the move just because of A single orange dot near by similarly all the orange dots are risen up in the black sphere because of another star in the sphere beyond -- a star of impossible magnitudes. so the orange dots do fall down to earth every once in a while just as water does in form of rain.
    "The Headquarters of Human Consciousness", is principally in another dimension (heaven), over time it has gained detailed which has made it more of a "star" in a different dimension (the other-verse). The process of "faith" has been providing definition to this "star" in the "other-verse", when this star has enough definition. It is translated out of the previous dimension (heaven), and into the other dimension (the other-verse).

    A Baby in the sun is an accurate description of this reality, or babies dancing in th sun. The artificiality of this environment in masking the other dimensions and "other-verse" relationships, is a deliberate design, used to help facilitate the judgement which will help create the new man, in the new universe. The "orange dot" falling into the "void" as you say, mirrors the account from the book of revelations, briefly below.

    REVELATION 4:1 After this I looked, and, behold, a door [was] opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard [was] as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.
    REVELATION 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
    REVELATION 21:10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,
    "The Human Collective" is in another dimension, but the process of "The Human Collective" is described as falling from the dimension of heaven, and into another dimension as a "holy city". "star NIBIRU" and the subsequent "UFO Phenemenon" are the result partial and increasing translations to this environment. At the end of time 2012, when we see "star NIBIRU" we are observing ourselves from the other dimension of "heaven", and when this environment/universe is in a condusive state, we will observe this earth lit up like another sun as appeared the full expression of "star NIBIRU", that is us existing in a fundament phase which allows the interaction from the "other-verse" that is the "RAPTURE".

    The "RAPTURE" is done on a significantly higher dimension/dimensions, we only see the deliberate representation in our artificial environment, we will see the "UFO".

    This is not what the world will choose to believe, but the world has no choice but to accept MY INTREPRETATION.

    Thanks for the Responses

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    pumpkin, pumpkin... everybody on this planet feels most secure when the rest of mankind is under his feet (well squashed) so why don't we all join together in this effort?
    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    ......units of small unit of impossible......besides everything my hand does is satisfaction guarantied... and anytime... my hand never lets me down and never speaks of no conditions... i am happy with all things done by my hand and by my hand only. everybody who tries to convince me otherwise only wants to drive me strait against me for his own benefit driven thirsts.
    Nostradamus Unknown Plate 2 - Transcendental Object at the End of Time

    The Queen of Heaven is holding a "CIRCLE" a "star" or a "pumpkin", this star is seen as being castdown, and this "casting down" represents the small squares of infinity. The "small squares of infinity" represents the UFO, and the translation of mankind, this is represented by the saints below the Queen Kneeling against the "small squares of infinity".

    Thanks for the Responses...........(you have no choice but to believe what it is that I have to say )

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    just don't make me play with me, in the middle of my game "deda-dedicate-on-deda-him-self"... i always play in single player mode.

    i intend to say more about the game once i account and figure the facts out.

    At the very bottom of the Illustration from Nostradamus Unknown Plate 2, you will see a shape which resembles a Constellation, this resembles Constellation Taurus. Mankind will begin to play the game, we have defined and this is the law of NEWLIFE.

    Thanks for the Responses

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    the local prime minister too, says just keep playing Kid of Unitary Seismologic Size EDEN (1)... your game is of our highest NAT(Oi)nal interest. accounting and figuring... this system's GOT to have at least one equation.

    one of the obvious stuff to go away is: (AO Not Applicable) = 8A = N0E divide all sides with A0 and its self proven (in USA and MKD language combined). it's nothing new, just safety on: there won't be AO deda keep playing.

    no mister you haven't gotten it right: N/A = 8/0 = Large Unit of Impossible = LUI multiply all sides with AO you get (AOULI) = 8A = N0E. A OLUI in Serbian (ОЛУИ се МКД Србизам од ОЛУЈА, ОЛУЈЕ) are heavy duty storms of A degree.
    Gilgamesh and the "Bull of Heaven"

    The truth is, at least part of the Sumerian's Account of "star NIBIRU"'s appearance, follows the description of Nostradamus and Revelations Exactly, this gives us some indication, that zodiac drift, or sidreal shift, or precessional shift, has had no bearance on when "star NIBIRU" appeared. There is considerable information that points to this happening as a process almost exactly, "duration wise", as it will be happening in 2012.

    The difference is the expression defined by the law of NEWLIFE.

    "The Bull of Heaven", Constellation Taurus, represents a period of time when what is going to happen to mankind becomes very real, and an irrefutable fact. "The Bull's Tail", in the cylindar seal above, is seen as falling down, falling as the star NIbiru above it would fall, if it had fell at this point. Humanity will begin to be affected in TAURUS, like the HEAVENS were effected in PISCES, in 2012, this is not being debated.

    **The people and nations going to the new earth will begin to exercise their judgement accordingly after this truth, and not inplace or insubstitution of this truth, the law of NEWLIFE. The fact is, the portion of humanity rejected of this truth, my covenant, has seeked to kill the portion of mankind accepted of my covenant. This is something that will inevitably be seen between man and man. The portion of mankind going to the new earth, will simply have to do what is necessary, to protect the potential of what will be many individuals who are not yet written in but have the potential according to the law of NEWLIFE.

    thanks for the responses

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    it's a good opportunity to recall that post between #10 and #11 was it here... yes it was here. don't know how i starter. second i said:

    a single droplet of goodness in the ocean of evil only doubles my sadness.
    then i addressed my saying "awesome mathematical beauty... am loving it" with...
    don't know the order of statements will throw them random:

    god is not love for the wisdom of satan that much easily because of his holiness, love is urge that makes us hunt only the deficient the less than enough and unholy
    satan is wisdom, or better yet A-gressive (unisex between progressive an digressive) intelligence, the American Mean I = sqrt(-1) that loves to spoil the conservative ellipse of god.
    god is barking dog caught up in its own eternal loop chasing his own tail a loop know as even horizon.
    satan is spiral cosmic string that keeps unfolding in eternal search for the one to whom she can do most of the harm.
    then i thought can these two thunder birds be locked together in A single union forever ?? union alike marriage ??
    yes they can, it seems very familiar to me, i have done it somewhere else, if i can remember where:
    Sumerian God Ningizzida

    1. The Coalescence (coming into being) of This Universe (Nostradamus Unknown Plate 2)
    2. The Coalescence of Human Consciousness

    You are describing Number 2 above. The Human Soul is being transcribed, in addition to the transcribing of this universe's artificiality into a medium for the other-verse process of RAPTURE. This is like a personality matrix being superimposed on the mind/consciousness/soul. "star NIBIRU" is a process that is apart of the "Consciousness Shift", the eloquence of the book of Revelations, and references to the Angel, can be misleading but this is what is being inferred, and described by the Sumerian God Ningizzida.

    The Superimposition of the Consciousness Matrix as apart of translation process, is something only an individual who has been abducted by the aliens would be able to understand. This I am able to understand, as well as the inevitable death ratio and sterlization as a result of the law of NEWLIFE I created for mankind, as apart of the THIRD ARK OF THE COVENANT, "star NIBIRU process".

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    and so is every single human astro manager with part god part satan in him standing firmly on the ground (soil chakra in my VaseDOOM27 Omegaton Bomb) and wondering the stars.

    it always happens to me so, whenever i start reading book. in the beginning i follow what's written but after my attention gets the going my eyes continue the reading only my mind rolls its own movie. because to understand is to interpret, but try to stay coherent. i was writing this post but i was looking at god and satan (they do not look like humans they are numbers with mathematical form) as they stand before me in their wedding ceremony and i am the priest.
    What takes place between the coalescence of this universe, and the coalescence of human consciousness, occurs in a different set of dimensions and in a different form other than this reality. What we observe to be true, represents this action being reflected against the artificiality of this universe/environment, which is the our known reality.

    Failure to identify removes the scientific and population of disbelief out from any real rationalizations on the subject. The process of moving dimension and moving human consciousness happen relative to eachother in the "star NIBIRU" process. They are not the same, this environment/universe is made up of pure energy and pure consciousness, and the terms of explanation cannot reach into the dogma of science, it is a matter of "faith", as belief is the only substantiation in this universe.

    One process the coalescence of this universe does not involve human consciousness, the other process the coalescence of human consciousness, does not involve this universe directly, but they are done together as apart of the translation of the relationship of this universe with man for the transposition into the new universe.

    thanks for the responses (the world will understand these things to be true, and it is a matter of "when" not "if".

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    NEWLIFE | American NEW is MKD НОВ which with small info twist begets НОЕВ back in American it is Noah's

    The UFO's are a function of this universe, and as a function they can have a number of details as translation points in or out of this environment. You are viewing the real mccoy (genuine copy). The UFO's that will cover the skies according to the law of NEWLIFE, will been seen as eithe weather balloons or trashbags depending on the perspective of the person, but more likely than not weather this environment/universe, mankind is only expected and commanded to gather together according to this detail, that is what we have discussed on various terms, with one definition in mind: translation.

    thanks for the responses.............

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post

    naughty, naughty... nautilus

    If the site somehow greshni ondak ma museum preispitaj the se_besi! Glupacha ne, and if I review itself Josh once they have only dual pop ON grevni to ispadnat

    FBI.formula.CIA of praf/rights ljubov: Abe Lincoln, sakam Tuka that we i resolved because point whore-Skopje kobnica ... zhiva, dead ... jesus justice is in sane the same.

    the only thing i want from the picture is THE KNIFE.
    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post

    In Monasterboice (county Louth) there is a monumental Irish stone cross known as the Cross of the Abbot Muirdach (who died in 844), which bears on one side a caduceus-like engraving of two serpents, one upward turned, the other downward, whose interlacing coils enframe three human heads (such as might refer to Chakras 4, 5, and 6), and with a large human right hand above, reaching up to rest upon a halo. Known as Dextra Dei, "the Right Hand of God," such an ornament appearing on the cross of Christ Crucified cannot have been without meaning. But who shall now say what the meaning might have been?
    This is the "daggar" mankind has asked for, that is the "star NIBIRU" process, as the translation of this universe, and as the translation of human consciousness, into the new universe outside of this dimension.

    The symbol resembles, Sumerian God Ningizzida (red-snake-alike-cupric-wire), and Nostradamus Unknown Plate 2 (A Single Artifact of Everything), as representations of the "star NIBIRU" process, the transmorphification (translation of this reality for man) of the relationship of "faith" the full potential (what this universe represents as a evolutionary process) into the new universe for man.

    The progression of mankind has been ascribed by the heavens, and this relationship of this universe, what is represented by the snake's body with 3 Holy Trinity Heads (red-snake-wire), is being translated to the NEW UNIVERSE, what is represented by the Hand of a Man that is being pressed against another dimension (Artifact of Everything). This is the "star NIBIRU" process, detailed by the "law of NEWLIFE", and what this means for mankind, the "daggar".

    thanks for the responses

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    the problem is: to be able to make the point i need facts that converge towards the point being made but to know which facts are useful for making the point i need to know what's the point i am about to make. can't tell either of them fully for now so, it is conditional loop and is difficult to initiate the resolution. the problem is like: the mankind says babies first then material hills and valleys and when i go to my bitch she says babies yes but hills and valleys first. so i see, when i have nothing from it then i better don't have anything with it. now i know my part in the game. the mankind and my bitch were never two parties but they act together in the manner of American good-bad cop and what they want from me is my holiness and lively hood of EDEN. the good-bad cop is a type of magnetism meant to read and reset your direction while the holiness given with 0 is not that much nihilar. 0 is not full nothingness but it has the form of zero and the form of zero can have many USEFUL variates:
    June 24, 2009, Wiltshire UK

    The detail of this universe, involves the manipulation of "Boundless" (consciousness, life) relationship, for the basis of translation, this is what is being described above (three bottom orbs). This relationship is seen as consciousness itself, life itself (boundless), beyond the artificiality of this universe. When "Boundless" (consciousness, life) is translated out of this environment, this universe serves as the basis to define "Boundless" against the "Higgs Boson", the function of this "universe", which negates authenticity of reality, the artificiality is designed to mimic.

    This Universe is for "Consciousness of Humanity" a design template for apart of the process of translation, to serve as a component for the "other-verse" based interaction between "Consciousness (boundless)" and "Existence (god particle)", the "existence" the artificiality of this Universe is designed to mimic as apart of its templating process (the function of "faith" that ends in translation), I will demonstrate below:

    You can understand the design and interaction of this unverse. The "variables changes" and this environment on the super dimensional level, changes as apart of its intelligent function.

    Line 1: This reality is "artificial" we are pure consciousness (boundless) in energy. (black dot represents boundless)
    Line 2: The interaction of the Angels, is represented against the Artificiality of this Environment, to mimic the "other-verse" functions of evolution and death, and progression, and deteoriation. (thus boundless changes in relation to the progression of "faith" as a function"- the PURPLE OVERLAY) (ARTIFICIALITY is a substitute for the other-verse environment a complete translaiton, as a judge of "autonomy" for the translation process)
    Line 3: When we Approach the "Final Function of Faith", death will accelerate in this environment as apart of the filtering process, it is already noticable between the animal deaths, and this will begin to become human deaths. This Environment is also manipulated against a controller "heaven", therefore the sterlization is deliberate and for the most part follows the law of NEWLIFE I defined. "star NIBIRU", is a dimensional transition of this universes's design into a translatable form.
    Line 4: Human Consciousness and mankind will fundamentally change on the spiritual level/soul, to both interact with, and obtain a new dimensional awareness generally refered to as the "god particle mystery", the function of faith is translated into the very soul of humanity as apart of the translation into the "other-verse".
    Line 5: The function of "faith" this universe is replaced with the "god particle", ascribed to "boundless" (consciousness/soul on a super dimensional degree).

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    the alchemical tablet of unileversal taodot holiness. the deal was canceled cause deda did act without full awareness of its implications went crazy and got the Swedmilk for free in the spiritual asylum.

    We can see elements of the "function of FAITH" this universe, as a translation process for "boundless" (the soul/consciousness/life), which is progressing towards a star in the center, but the fact is, despite the good intention of the Aliens to provide a perspective for us, we must acknowledge our limitation and inability of being able to fully articulate the implications of the translaiton of this universe, and that is highlighted in its most advanced form as the "star NIBIRU" process. The process is entirely on a super dimensional state, we can and have been given some insight into percieving the translation, but it is a MYSTERY as apart of the design of this universe.

    Thanks for the Responses

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    i guess then the most obvious question is HOW CAN I TRUST YOU WHEN YOU ARE THE BIBLICAL BEAST???
    it would be fair to say with humans you can be safe only when you have them on safe distance............he is on safe distance somewhere in area 51 (that's what the link says)
    The Bundahishn Chapter 24 - Epic of Gilgamesh - COMPARISON

    17. Hugar the lofty, on which the water of Aredvisur flows and leaps, is the chief of summits, since it is that above which is the revolution of the constellation Sataves, the chief of reservoirs. 25. This, too it says in revelation, that Ohrmazd created the whole material world one abode, so that all may be one; for there is much splendor and glory of industry in the world. 26. Whatsoever he performs, who practices that which is good, is the value of the water of life; since water is not created alike in value, for the undefiled water of Aredvisur is worth the whole water of the sky and earth of Xwaniratha, except the Arag river, created by; Ohrmazd.
    Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet XI
    Just as dawn began to glow
    there arose from the horizon a black cloud.
    Adad rumbled inside of it,
    before him went Shullat and Hanish,
    heralds going over mountain and land.
    Erragal pulled out the mooring poles,
    forth went Ninurta and made the dikes overflow.

    The Anunnaki lifted up the torches,
    setting the land ablaze with their flare.

    Stunned shock over Adad's deeds overtook the heavens,
    and turned to blackness all that had been light.
    The... land shattered like a... pot.
    (Bundahishn) Constellation Sataves is seen as the Bull's Head of Taurus, the "Bull of Heaven" is involved in the pouring out of the flood water, the distinction between man is the result of "good work" which is the value of the "water of life" that separates man from the unclean water that has resulted from the "Bull of Heaven's" rejection of "faith", the action that will be "star NIBIRU".
    (Epic of Gilgamesh) Erragal or Nergal is the Sumerian Bull God, a picture of the "Bull of HEAVEN", Taurus, he is involved in the pouring out of the flood water, the distinction between man that identifies with the "negative relationship" which is being removed, by the "star NIBIRU" or "Annunaki Fire".

    The relationship that is being removed from mankind: is a threat, the portion of mankind not following the gathering instructions of the "law of NEWLIFE", will simply be dissolved along with this universe as a threat.

    Thousands of American Citizens are already dead, as a result of the relationship that will be dissolved interference, and according to the death of the son of man, 48 states will fall according to our conversation, in this case the portion of the USA, that is being considered a threat will be done so to protect the citizens of California, and the people from other nations choosing to achieve the opportunity the son of man will provide according to this covenant.

    The time period leading up to the sterlization if anything is a measure for the "faith" of mankind, and for many it will be the stepping stone to believe what it is that I have to say.

    It is also true, it could very well be in the best interests of the citizens of California to remove the threat the usa imposes, or could impose, in which case, I've said any person or individual or any thing responsible for the loss of life of the son of man will result in the sterlization proscribed..........

    Thanks for the Responses.......This may sound new, but this has been the law for quite some time now

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    ur end is free my friend, have some. i schizophrend... i don't give A come.
    Discovering the Golden Path - Bundahishn - Sumerian Epic of Creation Comparison


    Both accounts describe the same event, the "Cosmic Shifting" of the known Universe, in connection to the opening of a gateway, the "star NIBIRU" process. After discussing both accounts, will come discover how these two parodies by the ancients relate to Constellation Orion.

    Bundahishn Account of the Shift of the Universe
    Bundahishn Ch 5
    Seven chieftains of the planets have come unto the seven chieftains of the constellations, as the planet Mercury (Tir) unto Tishtar, the planet Mars (Warharan) unto Haptoring, the planet Jupiter (Ohrmazd) unto Vanand, the planet Venus (Anahid) unto Sataves, the planet Saturn (Kevan) unto the great one of the middle of the sky, Gochihr and the thievish (dujgun) Mushpar, provided with tails, unto the sun and moon and stars. 2. The sun has attached Mushpar to its own radiance by mutual agreement, so that he may be less able to do harm (vinas).
    1. Planet Mercury goes into Tishtar - Canus Major, the Dog Constellation (reference to Orion)
    2. Planet Mars goes into Haptoring - Ursa Major, the Bear Constellation (reference to Pisces)
    3. Planet Jupiter goes into Vanand - Capricorn, the Goat Constellation
    4. Planet Venus goes into Sataves - Taurus, the Bull Constellation
    5. Planet Saturn goes into "the Great One" - Leo, the Lion Constellation (THE BATTLE)

    Gochihr, and Mushpar are Beasts. Mushpar the Thief is a beast that is imprisoned by the sun, so that he cannot do harm against Gochihr. Therefore when, Gochihr slays Mushpar, the old universe is removed, and the new universe that identifies with THE STAR GOCHIHR is assigned appears (Mushpar is assigned the sun, Gochihr is assigned the "star NIBIRU").

    Gochihr slaying the beast (Mushpar) is Constellation Orion, this is what is being emphasised, and this is completed at "the Great One". We are given what appears to be a description of the LOST CONSTELLATION (Leo to Capricorn), in relation to the first appearance of "star NIBIRU", which occurred in PISCES in 2012, as obscure references to the bear and dog. When the planets go into the constellations, they are being dissolved, the universe is being dissolved.

    Sumerian Epic of Creation Account of the Shift of the Universe
    Sumerican Epic of Creation Excerpt
    Having disposed of Tiamat and Kingu, Marduk once again "crossed the heavens and surveyed the
    regions." This time his attention was focused on "the dwelling of Nudimmud" (Neptune), to fix a final
    "destiny" for Gaga, the erstwhile satellite of Anshar/Saturn who was made an "emissary" to the other planets. The epic informs us that as one of his final acts in the heavens, Marduk assigned this celestial god" "to a hidden place," a hitherto unknown orbit facing "the deep" (outer space), and entrusted to him the "counsellorship of the Watery Deep."...........................Having thus "constructed the stations" for the planets, Marduk took for himself "Station Nibiru," and "crossed the heavens and surveyed" the new solar system. The 12th Planet, Zechariah Sitchin, Ch6 The Epic of Creation
    Sumerian Epic of Creation Account of the Shift of the Universe
    Murduk is slaying Tiamat, to appoint "Gaga" as an Emmissary, and the appointment can only occur at Saturn, because "Gaga" is Saturn's Moon (which is eventually thrown out to become pluto). Murduk defines his victory as the appointment of the Emmissary at Saturn (a reference to Constellation LEO). Once he achieves this victory, he removes all of the planets from heaven by appointing them stations, then he removes all of the heavens, this universe, by appointing "station NIBIRU". This universe is dissolved completely after "station NIBIRU" is created.

    Murduk slaying Tiamat or the beast or man slaying the beast, that is connected to the removal of the earth's sun, matches the description from the Bundahishn, of the known universe dissolving.

    Comparing the two accounts and providing detail:

    Generally speaking, I have added a small degree of detail to better understand the basis of the original authors accounts, with this said. The beginning of the battle identifies with Constellation ORION (or taurus as the bull of heaven), and the end of the battle that began around ORION, ends around saturn or constellation LEO. These materials are thousands of years old, and addition detail has been provided by Nostradamus, and a number of saints and aliens on the subject for man after this time. However, this is something we have examined as beginning around this period of time perviously::

    Orion intersects Taurus at 3 degrees Superimposed on Taurus on the Ecliptic, thats at the end of the constellation period at the horns.

    You can see the 3 Degree intersection of Orion at the end of Taurus, against the Ecliptic better in this illustration, this is right around (Taurus: May 13-June 21.). The last 4 days is about 3 degrees (Taurus is 39 days and 37 degrees, that about 1.05 days per degree). This is right at the SOLSTICE SUN OF JUNE 20,2012. And falls right inline with the Lost Revelations of Nostradamus Plate 53, see link, as per our previous discussions.

    Not only the "Bull of Heaven" Constellation Taurus, is considered significant, but Constellation Orion's intersection of Taurus in the Ecliptic is considered significant. The Sumerian Epic of Creation and the Bundahishn and Nostradamus give the same value, regardless of the length of time expanse, or the shifting of the constellations. This means that the process was likely ascribed to the same length and constellation periods 5000 years ago as it is today.

    What can explain this activity? "star NIBIRU" shifted the earth out of alignment, and 5000 years later the earth shifted itself back to where it was 5000 years ago, this is the only viable conclusion, however, because this is not a debate, I prefer to let the reader decided.

    thanks for the responses

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    The Star Nibiru Dial

    Nostradamus Plate 70

    The Rings of Saturn

    Brief Discussion. Nostradamus Plate 70, has the symbols for Pisces and Scorpio below, and what appears to be "SATURN", being measured against the Galactic Alignment Wheel. Description of the Sumerian Account of the "First Appearance of Star Nibiru", Within 30 degrees from its first appearance on March 12, 2012 +=+ on April 16, 2012 a massive solar flare takes place on the sun when Saturn is just about at its opposition (April 15, 2012). Pisces represents the first appearance (presumed solar prominence cavity), but Scorpio represents the earth illumination associated with the "cosmic shift" involving "star NIBIRU".

    The "Rings of Saturn", and it is not an impossible conclusion to achieve, are being seen as a "sun dial" of sorts for the cosmic disposition that is the increasing function of "star NIBIRU. Saturn is featured as Murduk's victory marker, and the Bundahishn's battle marker. The reality of the dissolution of the universe, means that this solar system let alone the sun will not be visible to a high degree approaching LEO, therefore this indication is given before this time, see below:

    Tipitaka - E. Section on the Reflections on the Material Elements
    Just as if, monks, a skilful cow-butcher or his apprentice, after having slaughtered a cow and having divided it into portions, would sit down at the junction of four roads; in the same way, monks, a monk reflects on this very body, however it is placed or disposed, considering the material elements: "In this body, there is the earth-element, the water-element, the fire-element and the air-element."
    If the Cow is Constellation Taurus, and Constellation Taurus represents a division between the heavens and mankind, by the interaction of the "higher dimensions involved". Then if Saturn is a "star NIBIRU Dial Indicator", then, the Rings of Saturn are being described as either being loosed from their bounds or broken up. The Tipitaka is also from literature that is as old as the Bundahishn, and the Sumerian Epic of Creation. The Tipitaka too has the image of the MAN SLAYING THE BEAST, in this case it is the Monk slaying the Cow.

    The Dagger or KNIFE in ORION's waist, position at his waist represents the "intersection of ORION at Taurus on the Eclpitic", this is the "servant of the Monk that slays the beast" according to the Tipitaka. What has happened 5000 years ago, will happen today...................

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    what could be the right questions to ask about the relation between the snake and the hedgehog:
    i do believe that snake is polynomial power (function or equation) and the hedgehog approach to it has the way of resolving it... if only i knew them better... their essence. oh it is not medicine to me. all i see here is "Arc и Mad" Matica.

    add to it:

    you have a dragon with snake's head on his tail and snake with dragon's head on her tail how do you make them kiss when the snake injects poison and the dragon speaks fire? you cease the teeth of the snake with sizap anti psychotics and you fill the mouth of the dragon with white anti fire powder... wrong, the dragon is He and the snake is She

    The Hedgehog is Constellation Orion
    The Snake is Constellaton Ophiuchus

    (Constellation Orion Touches on the Ecliptic for the last 3 Degrees of Taurus (less dominant). Constellation Ophiuchus is on the Ecliptic (more dominant)

    The Babylonian Goddess Ishtar (Sumerian Goddess Astarte), The "Queen of Heaven", was often pictured with the Hedgehog. The Symbol with the Knife on the Emblem represents Orion, the Hedgehog. The Star Symbol represents the Queen of Heaven, Ishtar. Both the signs are relative to the Solstice Suns during the Year. The "Star Symbol" is the more dominant symbol regardless of size.

    1. The Hedgehog Orion represents the Gold Sphere, it is the translation of another dimension into this dimension.
    2. The Snake Ophiuchus is represented by a Snake, the head of the snake is human consciousness, and the body of the snake is the artificiality of this universe, that is giving definition to human consciousness or "boundless".
    3. The Snakes Tail comes from the "Yellow Dot".

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post

    The Orbit and Rotation of the Earth around the Sun during the Year.

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    add to it:
    I^2 + 1 = 0 is how the first unknown in "Arc и Mad" Matics comes into play. then if Abel Ruffini theorem is valid as proven then eventual solution to 5th degree would mean that there might be another unknown of I's kind that's about to enter the game.

    add to it:

    the radius of a circle can have more than two values for same phase within 0 -- 2 pi or if the radius is single valued then the phase makes the whole circle in range 0 -- 2 n pi.

    "star NIBIRU" is the process of translating this universe, as apart of the translation of man. "star NIBIRU", the process is a reflection against the artificiality of this environment for what is happening in the higher dimensions.
    This Environment must be referenced, at least according to the Ancients. The Universe is being dissolved and the Constellations and Solstices are just references of when and to what degree this is taking place, and to how long this gateway or translation detail will remain for the translation of man.

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    it is not really the service that sells if the story and analogies about it are neglected. different people understand same thing differently depending on their major domain and their dictionary and their codecs. so the bestsellers must have a well packed story that affects many people from many domains in same way. it's like the geometric middle among them all that sells best. the story makes people relate to things and consider them big part of the story of their life. this is the snake tech:

    was it around November 2007 right before another imprisonment in the spiritual asylum i remember trough delusional thinking how i thought about this same thing. 3Dot A14159... = pi in MKD pij means drink; pierce the paper in 3 Dot A and pij on one side from the source and let the pencil piss (da pishe in MKD is to write in USA but it is also to piss) radius away. then i came up with the question: "Ако еден шестар е шестостар тогај колку стар е ЕЖОТ Стар?". i throw it in the face of the policeman while he was copping me. and from all those associations and analogies i came very close to how medicine began even though medicine is my most disgusting discipline. the next morning i was put to sleep forcefully with the power of chemistry. i remember associating Michael Schumacher with his red Ferrari following the wrong path of Newton po Ton strait into the end of his career as headed off fly into hot oven. it's a Satan-Devil colored thing to me red-black.
    The LOST CONSTELLATION, from LEO to CAPRICORN is when "star NIBIRU" begins to noticably affect this universe (from virgo to capricorn as a star), from virgo to Scorpio the Universe will be dissolving, and sometime around 12/21/2012 the process will be complete, and before this time, the planets will give signs, and the planets will go into the constellations, because this universe will be dissolved. Then the RAPTURE is the final process of the translation of man, that begins on the spiritual, soul level, into another state to be translated into the new universe by the aliens. (a packaged deal).

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    add to it:

    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
    The Earth's Sun is a Parody for the relationship of "faith" that is being translated, it is this relationship of the "hyperdimension" that is being mended to this universe and man, for the translation process. The Earth and the Sun as "star NIBIRU" is also a parody, this environment is pure enerey and pure consciousness, expressed in higher dimensions not what we can see or observe or record, not by any measure.

    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    add to it:
    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    EVERY SNAKE IS A LEVER... ONCE WELL STONED. and snake is the first form of earthly life i mean as material biological being not number being.
    This Universe is designed to perform a function, the creation of a cosmological civilization, this is the design of this universe. At each step during this process, the relationship that doesn't apply is removed from it. This includes the division of the people for the inheritance, the "full potential" this universe is designed to produce (the removal of "faith" this universe by translation).
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    so this is how The Snake Eva (natasha) and The Dragon Adam (dedanoe) were made from Adam's rib bone "I = Imaginary Unit": the apple byte broke their leverian unity |[[x1, x2], [y2, y1]]| = 0 on Dragon_Adam = ZMYOWN[x1, x2] and Snake_Eva = ZMYOWN[y2, y1]. Adam is the dragon's yellow yang nail Eva is the dragon's yin black nail | Adam is the snake's yin blue tooth and Eva is the snake's yang red tooth. if i am about to reunite them i will need to know Nate's coordiNates: [y2, y1] = ??? ... but i don't... okay i can start from what i know. i know my self so |x1 y1| = 1 but then |x2 y2| = 1 as well. |x1 y1| = 1 = |x2 y2| right, but because in her case i have two unknowns in a single equation it means that one magnitude is function of the other. so lets plot the graphic of |x y| = 1:

    so that's where we must meet to seal our reunion... on the Christian Double Cross. me up front she on rear side.
    27.09.2012 -- Воздвижение на Чесниот Double Cross

    вие најдваседвојната ната да не сте ни помислувале на забранетото овошје кое тука во еден ви го турив на плафон... види аватар... infinity_cox_uponda_sealing...

    The MarketfrankfordLine Rapture Location is the Parody for the previous post, and signature of the most high, as the translation resulting from the function and conclusion of this universe with man. This translates to a selective extermination of the american public and 48 states, Hawaii was released, not necessary as a result of you releasing a pedophile as per your instructions, but simply because the law was completed around that time, for the death of the son regardless of cause.

    The Revolution of the Planets around the Sun represents the function of this universe, the image on your left, towards the generation of the transcendental object at the end of time, the image on your right in the second illustration from the quotation, which is "star NIBIRU", "the UFO", and ultimately the translation of man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post

    Ah well ... sexualista PRC methodot >>> GOOD (DO) in pikje-brichenje (BRI. .. iii) the sarkraztikrateno narekva DO. BRI - steza Vamsi pikje gospogjo? And you that I go by-GOOD-JASH little me. Mashko zhensko same nose hair. A druzhe not, Jaska PRC GOOD

    Abre GorgiA here DobriA Znash whether these to Nashe your Museum and the
    You must believe what what it is that I have to say. The sequence for "star NIBIRU" begins at GEMINI, June 21, 2012. I will create a Key below, and we will see this against the intrepretation of Nostradamus.

    Sun's Position in the Constellation (ecliptic) Belt
    Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
    Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
    Pisces: March 11-April 18.
    Aries: April 18-May 13.
    Taurus: May 13-June 21.
    Gemini: June 21-July 20.
    Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
    Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
    Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
    Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
    Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
    Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
    Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

    Earth's Actual Position in the Constellation Belt
    Capricorn - Earth/Cancer
    Aquarius - Earth/Leo
    Pisces - Earth/Virgo
    Aries - Earth/Libra
    Taurus(orion) - Earth/Scorpio/Ophiuchus
    Gemini - Earth/Sagittarius
    Cancer - Earth/Capricorn
    Leo - Earth/Aquarius
    Virgo - Earth/Pisces
    Libra - Earth/Aries
    Scorpio/Ophiuchus - Earth/Taurus(orion)
    Sagittarius - Earth/Gemini

    Nostradamus Plate 69, references REVELATION 8:12 (And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise). When the Stars of Heaven begin to go into the Constellations, the dissolution of the universe begins, this was described differently in the Bundahishn Ch 5, as discussed in the thread titled the final world war human parents vs number beings. (Nostradamus Plate 69 more accurately describes the 5 Month Period from Virgo to Capricorn, however Capricorn's duality as Taurus, follows our interpretation above)

    You are viewing Nostradamus Plate 67, as a secondary reference to the same Calendar date of June 21, 2012. For the "Actual Positions of the Planets against the Constellations Belt. The Outer Planets are in view. (What I said originally and more accurately was, this was PISCES TO SAGITTARIUS, the First Appearance of "star NIBIRU" at pisces. And the Shifted Earth as a result of Star Nibiru in Sagittarius (12/21/2012).)

    To Understand the Cosmic Shift the scientific and astronomical community must begin to observe the universe beginning at the SOLSTICE, the BEGINNING OF GEMINI.

    The Shape form of symbolism between the interactions of the planets and the dissolution of the universe, likely detail the golden ratio, the metatron cube, or the jewish kabbalah or all of the above as the "golden ratio" is put on full display between the planets and the artificiality of this universe:

    Flower of Life Leonardo Da Vinci

    Flower of Life Design

    Metatron Cube

    We must keep watch, however, nothing I've said is inherently correct, and therefore my intrepretation is irrefutable.

    Thanks for the Responses... (the Jewish Kabbalah (second image) seems to be designed by the Planets against the Constellations on June 21, 2012, around the solstice sun of (June 20, 2012), images edited from "", a nifty tool )

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Mister Maxwell, you got the rotor B from Behind
    The Rainbow represents the Covenant,what you see after rainstorms, Seven Rays is a different Expression of the Rainbow, designed to represent the end of the Covenant, Seven Rays, the "star NIBIRU" process, is the "Rainbow" at the end of time, the descending Holy City from Heaven.

    Pandora's Box (Sumerian is Inanna's Pot) is a description of the presense of this expression of the "Rainbow", the emptying of the "MYSTERY RELATIONSHIP", in this Universe. Now if this Universe is a ball of energy then the "MYSTERY RELATIONSHIP", that is being introduced, is like the pouring out of the "vials" of something that cannot be identified, so it is darkness. On the simplest terms, without involving the artificiality of this universe, this is what is happening.

    When the "MYSTERY RELATIONSHIP" is introduced it dissolves the artificiality of this universe, but as apart of its design, it does not dissolve the earth, until the very end. The "star NIBIRU" process is not mechanical it is deliberate and it has a controller, and a law ascribed to it, the law of NEWLIFE.

    When this Universe begins to be dissolved, the known laws of this universe where it is being dissolved will also break down, this means. When the Ancients said the planets will go into the constellations, this is a very real and literal intrepretation (bundahishn ch.5 verse 1). And When the Ancients said the stars will fall from heaven into the earth, this is also a very real and literal intrepretation (book of revelations-4th trumpet). If the Earth is not being Dissolved immediately then, the known laws of the universe will still apply to it from some point in space, and so will the observances be reflected against the earth for what is happening to the known universe. When the Earth is encapuslated in the "MYSTERY RELATIONSHIP", then this is when the "star NIBIRU" will appear, and the UNIVERSE will take on behavior not seen for thousands of years, not seen since the son of man of this day in his hour.

    What is happening cannot be fully explained by man, because it involves higher dimensions, man is not allowed to and higher dimensions that have been designed out of the functionality of this universe. When "star NIBIRU" appears, sterlizations will begin, and be complete for the target groups. The scientific community has already made use of this knowledge:

    The particle, called “neutral Xi_b^star baryon,” is made up of three quarks, including one beauty quark, according to Symmetry, a magazine produced by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

    Bundahishn Ch14 V.28 "dog is purposely adapted, as three more kinds of advantage are given to him"
    REVELATION 16:13 "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth"
    What is being dissolved, is not this simple, what is being dissolved, is a multidimensional matrix of incredible proportions, too incredible to have any relationship to anything in this environment. With that said, I will also maintain my position of saying that this Universe is designed to demonstrate what is happening against its artificiality, and therefore they scientific community my have some small element of truth for this environment, but it ultimately is not what is really taking place. What is taking place can only be accepted by belief, this is the design of this universe, to provide the inheritance "the MYSTERY" at its conclusion. Back to Topic:

    The Unknown Plate of the Women that resembles Plate 53 seen above, and Plate 66 seen below. Are the only 2 known plates by Nostradamus with the 7 Spoked Wheel, indicating his Galactic Alignment Wheel is being pushed aside, or the Universe is being pushed aside.

    Brief Plate 66 Review - FALLING STAR - Bottom of the two images
    The Image on the Bottom of Plate 66, shows the SOLSTICE SUN of June 20, 2012 - and CONSTELLATION LEO that ends Sept. 16, 2012.

    Right Side Symbol of "Three Tombs" the Known Universe as we know it:

    1. The Three enclosures (三垣, pinyin: Sān Yuán) are the Purple Forbidden enclosure (紫微垣), Supreme Palace enclosure (太微垣), and Heavenly Market enclosure (天市垣) in the Chinese constellation system.

    2. In Chinese astronomy, constellation Camelopardalis lies in the Three Enclosures (三垣, Sān Yuán) If we look at the area, possibly constellation Camelopardalis in the Chinese sky is fully concentrated in the "kingdom" area. constellation Camelopardalis lies in the Three Enclosures (三垣, Sān Yuán)

    3. Picture of Camelopardalis - Conclusion to Secondary reference to this universe

    Nostradamus is describing a conflict and war, between China and India, which will become progressive sometime around the SOLSTICE SUN. What it is that I have to say? The relationshp that is being removed from mankind is a threat to the peace and safety, of nationality, and the public, and will ultimately be removed by the hand of god at the appointed time. Whatever is done to this decree from the king, is a measure for the peace and safety of the people intent on going to the new earth. With this said, the nations and people acting to circumvent the decree of the most high, the king and son of man, are an enemy to the future generations of man in the new earth, and must be treated in kind. The best interests of the king are the principalities, and should there be any threat it must be exterminated accordingly, there is no usa only california, and there is no middleeast, only askai chin, etc................

    Left Side Symbol of "star NIBIRU" the New Universe

    The end of conflict, this is the beginning of VIRGO, at the end of LEO, there's isn't much else to be said, except the pitch black skies will be illuminted by at least one star at this point, "star NIBIRU".

    Brief Unknown Plate - PANDORA'S BOX - (plate 53 reference)

    There is no mistake about this being a reference to "constellation TAURUS", AND VIRGO. The "star fell right on top of the women's head", "star NIBIRU"'s effects are observable as early as TAURUS in a persistant, and consistant manner, there's nothing else to say about it. Except the unleashing of the "evil of humanity", is something that will simply be, until it is taken care of. Well I want to briefly point the finger at this plate as a theme plate:

    Lost Plate 58 - Intersection of Orion

    The LOST CONSTELLATION, (Leo to Capricorn), is grabbing at the "sword of Orion". This can be a secondary reference to the "transit of Planet Venus in June 5,6 2012. However Orion intersects Taurus at the last 3 of its Degrees on the Ecliptic path (at the beginning of the constellation design, which is its end on the ecliptic). This is as we have discovered in unconventional means, part of a great sign during the month of taurus, which, may have showed some detail as the pitch fork ufo seen near the sun April 26, 2012.

    thanks for the responses

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    dedanoe schizmatica >>> od kaj pa ΜΑΚΕΩΝ onija FYROMINE, od lever o law ah 1&1 only >>> ΤΑ ΜΕΓΕΘΕΑ ΙΣΟΡΡΟΠΕΟΝΤΙ ΑΠΟ ΜΑΚΕΩΝ ΑΝΤΙΠΕΠΟΝΘΟΤΩΣ ΤΟΝ ΑΥΤΟΝ ΛΟΓΟΝ ΕΧΟΝΤΩΝ ΤΟΙΣ ΒΑΡΕΣΙΝ <<< there cannot be word of FYROM's recognition as ΜΑΚΕΩΝ before the whole mankind beast obeys my lever law. the lever law as given to you by my lever minister АРЧИМ.ЕДЕН. Lever O, Lever O, Lever O' Lawah, 1&1 Only. FYROM is BUTT.A.SCHMUK.E.ROM, certainly if Italian Pasta and Virgo Pizza Pepperoni don't object as well:

    Why does your avatar look like a cock and balls?

    Is that what you meant by your "lever minister"?

    [I]"...some parts of his work are half-finished, while other parts make a strange medley."...;)...

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    I smell pasta!!!

    [I]"...some parts of his work are half-finished, while other parts make a strange medley."...;)...

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    Laughing Buddha chuckles for a change of pace...
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    [I]"...some parts of his work are half-finished, while other parts make a strange medley."...;)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedanoe View Post
    those that dare to face the evil usually turn their back to goodness and so evil gets the advantage
    Cat Eye Nebula - "star NIBIRU Process"

    Nostradamus Plate 67 (on top) and Plate 71 (on bottom) Writing

    Plate 67 Text
    2. conpuol/complexion
    3. oofevnee/government
    4. altminer/altimeter-sign from up high (sun)
    5. one male/online mail from one male
    6. fathe'or'/gather-the father of
    7. ungymg/messaging
    8. ngayghe/nibiru
    9. go done/armageddon

    Plate 71 Text
    (right side is given above) (the left side are principal nations involved in a conflict)
    1. IN - India
    2. CN - China
    3. RU - Russian Federation
    4. (small player) usa
    5. (horn symbol) islam
    6. (the ring) (european union) nato

    The darkening of the sun, is the horn that causes this conflict, then armageddon of mankind at the end of time.........Nostradamus Provides more detail see below:

    Sixains http://www.nostradamus-repository.or...other&Itemid=5

    The provider of the matchless monster,
    The Sun will make veoir (take away visibility) as well as,
    Taking up the long the line Meridienne (separation of universe),
    By following the Elephant and the wolf,
    No Emperor has ever made such blow,
    And nothing more worse to this Prince happens.
    "star NIBIRU" the matchless monster, will darken the sun. It will divide the meridian that is the sun and this universe, from "star NIBIRU". This begins the conflict between the ELEPHANT-INDIA, and the WOLF-CHINA. The emperor makes a move to end the war before it begins, the prince "star NIBIRU" will end the war in its season (the emperor ends the conflict before the prince ends the conflict).

    The provider will put very desroutte there,
    Sangsuë and wolf, in my to say escoutte
    When march will be known sign of the Sheep
    Reached with Saturn, and Saturn on the Moon,
    Then your biggest adversity will be,
    The Sun during in thrill.
    March 12, 2012 - Star Nibiru Makes its first Appearance, April 15, 2012 Saturn is in Opposition (solar eruption April, 16 2012). SOLAR ECLIPSE takes place May 20, 2012. The darkness and light from the first appearance of star nibiru, is seen as being repeated by the ECLIPSE, this marks special solar activity by the earth's sun.

    Letter to Henri II

    And after this period has lasted for a good long time, what shall be virtually a new reign of Saturn or Golden Age shall be established. Paying heed to the afflictions of His people, God shall order Satan to be bound and thrown into the deep pit of the bottomless abyss. Then a universal peace shall commence between God and man, while Satan shall stay bound for around the space of a thousand years, before being unleashed again to turn all his might against the power of the Church.http://www.nostradamus-repository.or...other&Itemid=5
    The Rings of Saturn mark the Golden Age. God shall bound satan then throw him into the abyss (star NIBIRU Process). Satan (mankind) has always been bound in this universe this is a "thousand years", when satan is being unleashed (star NIBIRU Process), he will turn against the church (mankind/humanity). (What is to be done, the threat of mankind that is the portion of mankind that is rejected, must be removed as a threat when this is the case.)

    Thanks for the Responses......You must simply believe what it is, that which is what it is, which is what it is that I have to say..........

  25. #75

    A supernova remnant about 20000 light years from Earth

    In Heaven The First Dot, this universe exists as a relatively small object, and the artificiality of this universe (stars etc.), is designed to demostrate the truth about heavenly things, and as apart of the staging area for evolution. The Second Dot is the coalessence of this "universe" into a state conducive for the "other-verse" (other universe), therefore the "SEAL" relationship, is expressed against this universe as an interaction medium, thus we see the "PHOTON BELT" (the "SEAL" expressed is the "SEAL REMOVED", this is the "Photon Belt", final phase of "star NIBIRU", see above), it is the relationship of the FIRST DOT to the INFINITY OF HEAVEN, expressed against the INFINITY of the "OTHER-VERSE".

    This process of "a falling star", demonstrates the mechanism of which this universe has been vested in the higher dimension of heaven, thus what we see as the "star NIBIRU Process". This is the revealing of a MYSTERY, because it is expressed against the artificiality of this environment, and it does not have to be. It is a demonstration of what is really going on, lent to the observation of man.

    The final phase of "star NIBIRU" resembles a supernova, as with the total illumination of the earth at the center and the conversion of this environment from its "artificiality (the first dot)", into a transposable medium the "Photon Belt (the second dot)".

    Clarafication to the Law of NEWLIFE

    1. Trade on the Silk Road was a significant factor in the development of the great civilizations of China, India, Ancient Egypt, Persia, Arabia, and Ancient Rome, and in several respects helped lay the foundations for the modern world. (Began Around 206 BCE).

    2. In the 1890s Britain and China were allies and Britain was principally concerned that Aksai Chin not fall into Russian hands. In 1899, when China showed an interest in Aksai Chin, Britain proposed a revised boundary, initially suggested by George Macartney, which put most of Aksai Chin in Chinese territory.........The Chinese did not respond to the Note, and the British took that as Chinese acquiescence. (around the 1890s)

    3. The British invaded Tibet in 1904 and forced the signing of a separate treaty, directly with the Tibetan government in Lhasa. In 1906, an Anglo-Chinese Convention was signed at Peking between Great Britain and China. It incorporated the 1904 Lhasa Convention (with modification), which was attached as Annex.[6][7] A treaty between Britain and Russia (1907) followed. (around 1906)

    4. China became increasingly exposed to Western influence, and Shandong, a coastal province, was especially affected. Qingdao was leased to Germany in 1897 and Weihai to Britain in 1898. The rest of Shandong was generally considered to be part of the German sphere of influence. In addition, the Qing Dynasty opened Manchuria to Han Chinese immigration during the 19th century; Shandong was the main source of the ensuing tide of migrants.

    Shandong was one of the first places in which the Boxer Rebellion started and became one of the centers of the uprising. In 1899, the Qing-Dynasty general Yuan Shikai was appointed as governor of the province to suppress the uprising. He held the post for 3 years.

    As a consequence of the First World War, Germany lost Qingdao and its sphere of influence in Shandong. The Treaty of Versailles transferred the German concessions in Shandong to Japan instead of restoring Chinese sovereignty over the area. Popular dissatisfaction with this outcome of the Treaty of Versailles (Shandong Problem) led to the May Fourth Movement. Finally, Shandong reverted to Chinese control in 1922 after mediation by the United States during the Washington Naval Conference. Weihai followed in 1930.

    The return of control over Shandong fell into the Warlord era of the Republic of China. Shandong was handed over to the Zhili clique of warlords, but after the Second Zhili-Fengtian War of 1924, the Manchuria-based Fengtian clique took over. In April 1925, the Fengtian clique installed the warlord Zhang Zongchang, nicknamed the "Dogmeat General", as military governor of Shandong Province. (contemporary)
    China has gradually been driven out, and forced to become more of a prisoner, in its own country. There has been a long standing enmity between the inheritance and a series of clever ruses to steal what is not yours, and what is not in your power to give or to mitigate. If Nostradamus speaks of anything, it is of my authority first, and secondly it is a great crime that was sought under the authority of the son. Needless to say Askai Chin has meant nothing, it is a desert, Shandong will stand in its place and the people of the covenant in its place, believe what it is that I have to say, and only what it is that I have to say.

    Thanks for the Responses.............This is the Second Clear reference to China.....((taurus to gemini)) - gemini to capricorn "star NIBIRU")

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