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Thread: The Magnificant Seven Ride Again...

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    The Magnificant Seven Ride Again...

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    A great movie with an Excellent soundtrack...

    + YouTube Video
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    A few memorable quotes:

    Chris: You forget one thing. We took a contract.
    Vin: It's sure not the kind any court would enforce.
    Chris: That's just the kind you've got to keep.

    Chico: But who made us the way we are, huh? Men with guns. Men like Calvera, and men like you... and now me."

    O'Reilly: Miguel, didn't I tell you to squeeze? Hm? Just like when you're milking a goat, Miguel.
    Miguel: It's that I get excited!
    O'Reilly: Well don't get excited! Now this time squeeze. Slowly, but squeeze. All right now, squeeze.
    [Miguel shoots]
    O'Reilly: *Squeeze*! I'll tell you what. Don't shoot the gun. Take the gun like this, and you just use it like a club, all right?

    Harry Luck: The odds are too high.
    Chris: Much too high.
    Harry Luck: Then we go?
    Chris: No; we lower the odds.

    Lee: Yes. The final supreme idiocy. Coming here to hide. The deserter hiding out in the middle of a battlefield.

    Britt: Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody.
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