It was an interesting year...

Roman Republic:

- Consuls: Marcus Licinius Crassus and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus.
- Consuls Marcus Licinius Crassus and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus pass the Lex Trebonia.
- Pompey's Theater, the first permanent (non-wooden) theatres in Rome. Built of stone on the Field of Mars, it included a temple to Venus Victorious, a public courtyard, and a meeting hall or curia in the far end near the "Sacred Area."

Gallic War:

Julius Caesar continues his campaigns in Gaul, he spreads Roman law and order, and makes the whole country as far as the Channel accessible to trade.;)
May – Caesar defeats a Germanic army then massacres the women and children, totaling 430,000 people, somewhere near the Meuse and Rhine Rivers.
June – Caesar crosses the Rhine River near the modern site of Bonn.


August 22 or August 26 – Julius Caesar commands the first Roman invasion of Britain, likely a reconnaissance-in-force expedition

Of course, more "stuff" happened than was "reported" as is always the case...