It's one of those myths that linger... probably because the gold was found 'right away', but French Law would've been levied more 'brutally' then. -6 coffins filled with gold, hidden on Corsica, or off its coast. The stash was on the African mainland, to pay for supplies as the AfrikaCorps conquered Egypt and continued-on to Baghdad, supposedly. Bribing tribes for this 'n that.

But things didn't work-out. The stash was brought back to Tunisia, then combined with valuables that were looted from Tunisian Jews. The dates all begin to ring untrue. Why would somebody panic too early, when the campaign was still active, and try to secretly send the gold back to Europe?

The U-301 theory needs the treasure to be 'on' Corsica by January, 1943;

The UJ-(Jager)2219 theory transpires in September, 1943;

Locals have repeatedly said that the 'treasure' was guarded from the start. I would've ordered it, back then. Chaos reigned. It's only human-nature to stay in a position of action. Supposedly a diving-school was opened, with plenty of diving occurring... even though there were no reports of any students.

This is the latest link I could find on the subject. It's also a comprehensive summation: