I am compiling a media/videos section to warehouse FULL LENGTH programs, such as History Channels "Mega Disaster" or "Loose Change" or "Doomsday Earth" - you get the idea. Stuff members would want to watch, and stuff that fits the site theme. Any similar programs : full length, preferably in 1 part to 3 parts or less, please post here if you have a suggestion and it will get put up.

Videos can come from : DailyMotion, MegaVideo, MetaCafe, uStram, Veoh, Vimeo and Youtube.

If you would like to go about simply adding them yourselves, PM me and I will setup some permissions to see what you can do. There are some requirements I would like to see fulfilled, but I assure you, it's just as easy as making a forums post. I'll just show ya quick ;)

It's about this easy to add a video, copy the URL of the media source into here like so, and pick a category (new ones can be created as well):

and this will come up:

You can then edit the description like any regular forums post. I would ask that anyone volunteering try to CUSTOMIZE the description, and link to relevant content in some way - or forums posts discussing the video. You can also select keywords / tags, as you can see.

You hit Submit and you end up with this gorgeous looking thing here :

Boom! That's it, video is stored in the proper section, indexed in the search, and ready to be watched any time - assuming the provider (in this case, youtube) does not remove the video.