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Thread: Maybe we need a Cryptozoology section?

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    Maybe we need a Cryptozoology section?

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    I'm just asking this because I posted something about a possible Wooly Mammoth. It doesn't quite fit into any of the various sub forums. I mean, it's not really politics and current events. It's not Armageddon and Disasters, it's not really science. It's definitely not Religion or Spirituality, or Conspiracy Theories, or Philosophy Ethics and Behavioral Studies. It kinda not so much fits in Paranormal but when I think of Paranormal I think of UFO's, Ghosts, and things like that. NOT a Wooly Mammoth siting. Or the Loch Ness Monster (NO I"M NOT GIVING TREEFIFTY!).

    So how about it? Do we need a Cryptozoology section? Maybe under paranormal????

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    That is a good idea but it may be better in the science section
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    The amount of threads are pretty lacking to support another section.

    Especially if you concider that depending on the case debated. The small amount we do have are split up between the science section and the paranormal section.

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