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Thread: The most powerful weapon on earth....fear

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    The most powerful weapon on earth....fear

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    Down through the ages, histories milestones were marked by the dictators who ruled the known world, but these events of history were limited to the armed force that could be maintained to hold this power, and this has proven true right up to the last century.

    The difference this time around is that fear becomes the weapon of choice, and its a global move. Dictators have always used military force to control a country, but today the shear number of people on the planet, as well as diverse religions and ideals, make it an impossibility to rule by force, at least on a global scale.

    During the middle ages a ruler would throw a bone under the table to silence the dogs and keep them in a passive state, and that method is being employed today, albeit the bone is now global consumerism. Stability is maintained by allowing this pacifier to stay in the mouths of an otherwise aggressive population. But as we watch the news, we see the wall beginning to crumble.

    This temporary liberty is in the process of narrowing down, and once the mobility and independence of an ATM and card transactions are replaced by the inevitable integration of nano technology, ( in some sectors already in use) then the proverbial door is slammed shut. And the ultimate form of control will become a cold reality. Something only dreamed about by dictators since the dawn of man.

    The irony is we allowed this slow and methodical noose to be placed around our own necks, never arguing the emplacement of so called security measures intended to safeguard a nation, but in reality are the future controls to regulate any disorder by a given population.

    We have a lot of names for what we call the powers that be, in some desperate need to give it a face or flag, and its probably not a single entity, more so a collective move to consolidate control resources under a universal and global interaction.

    We watched a nation run by fear during the 911 period, and the otherwise unconstitutional actions by federal agencies to invade private individuals lives. And as we stand looking into the abyss, we know its not more than little nudge to push us over, selling out to this fear for some perverted form of security as the solution to ending global conflicts.

    As we watch the uneasiness of populations around the globe, and the strong arm oppression being leveed against its citizens who are fed up with lies and corruption, its only a matter of time before a more serious method is set in motion.

    We are in a period of time never before seen in the age of man, and we have the devices to bring it to an end, and that knowledge will put fear in the spine of any thinking individual, enough fear to rule the world with.
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    Well said TC...Fear has been a weapon in this country for far to long..A very Lethargic American public is slowly awakening from stupor..I hope its not to late..
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    Quote Originally Posted by TC View Post
    We are in a period of time never before seen in the age of man, and we have the devices to bring it to an end, and that knowledge will put fear in the spine of any thinking individual, enough fear to rule the world with.
    -Until the next 'period of time never before seen in the age of man'.

    Not sure what fear-variant you're alluding to. Fear of personal death/fear of loved-ones' death only works marginally until applied. Even then; negligibly. Probably the worst fear is that of loneliness, which is even harder to apply as a weapon.

    Temujin used 'fear tactics'... fake bonfires, 'armed dummies' on horseback, agents inside city-walls to act 'fear-stricken', distracting noises, etc., to project the illusion that his approaching-force was larger than it actually was. All to reinforce the fear of pain from the-head-of-a-spear, in a manner that would minimalize his own losses... but that didn't always work. To paraphrase the Mike Tyson quote: ' Everybody has a plan, until they get hit. '

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