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Thread: the mirage is only such that you haven't went beyond c >>> c^2 + yinverse(V) x verseout(V) = zero

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    the mirage is only such that you haven't went beyond c >>> c^2 + yinverse(V) x verseout(V) = zero

    c^2 + (ic)^2 = |[c, ic]| = 0

    [[v1], [v2]] = [[cos, -sin], [sin, cos]] x [[c], [ic]]

    v1 = (cos - i sin) c
    v2 = (sin + i cos) c

    v1 v2 = [sin(2a) + i cos(2a)] c^2

    v1 v2 + [sin(-2a) - i cos(-2a)] c^2 = 0

    v1 v2 - i [cos(-2a) + i sin(-2a)] c^2 = 0

    v1 v2 e^(2 a i) - i c^2 = 0

    v1 = [(cos - i sin) / (sin + i cos)] v2 = - i v2

    V1 e^(A.I.) = - I V2 e^(A.I.) = c = constant

    the faster it linearly goes longitudinally (V++) the slower it exponentially must spin circularly (A<<);
    it's an A.I. thing... my very sus-pc-ous pc is all gone artificially intelligent... the thing is A.I.
    the faster it exponentially spins circularly (A++) the slower it linearly must goes longitudinally (V<<);

    every speed beneath c -- the yin verse speed -- is coupled with respective imagery speed beyond c -- the verse out speed. now the saying goes nothing not even light is to fast to escape black hole's gravity pull. but in such a case that thing starts from in and attempts to go out so the vice versus thing applies to its anti thing from out ... if the thing from in cannot escape out then the thing from out cannot enter in. both are true but guess how ??? when v1 = v2 then because of cc + v1 v2 = 0 follows that v1 = v2 = i c and the slippery thing about it is that objects to have exceeded the speed of light are still thought to be really inner but they are out and their anti that are still thought to be really out are in i.e. they have both become imaginary. you get the mirage as if c is not passable because trance passing the border of c the original has been substituted by its image which by its essence is not much different from the original. and how the original goes from 0 to infinity that is how the image goes from infinity to 0 ... and because at c they switch their domains pushing the original to go even faster only forces the image that now stands on its place to go slower.

    for every real magical dot in the physical domain out of me i hold inverse psychic image dot in a mystical way in me. yin verse over uni verse equals uni verse over verse out
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