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Thread: Its makin me mad George!

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    Its makin me mad George!

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    Ok so my problem is my scroll wheel on my mouse.

    When I scroll using it the page moves up and down with the wheel in unison. Lately tho when I scroll with it the page lags. I have to wait for the page to catch up. If I use the scroll button on the page its fine. Its just with my scroll wheel on the mouse. Sometimes it does this and sometimes it dunt. This is very irritating,as Im a perfectionist as far as how things are SUPPOSED to work.

    Is it my IP lagging? I pay $50 a mo. for 5 mbps. I run the speed test and shows Im running at 3mbps to 5mbps.

    Is it my PC?

    Is it a conspiracy?

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    This is a tricky problem to identify superficially. My suggestion to you is to take note of pages that lag and those that don't. For example, does it seem random or only on certain websites? Use AO as a test subject. Does it lag sometimes when on AO and sometimes not? Does it never lag on AO? Keep those questions in mind and try out a handful of sites in your bookmarks.

    Another question to ask is in regards to lagging. Delay and lag aren't necessarily the same thing. A delay means time passes between you scrolling the wheel and the page reacting. A lag is when you scroll the wheel and the page sludges along, looking more like the page itself is slow rather than your browser not quickly responding to your scrolling. I hope that was clear. Start with what I first recommended you try and we can go from there.

    A number of things can cause this problem; (1) your mouse wheel is worn out, (2) crummy coding on certain websites, (3) issue with video card refresh rate, (4) video card drivers need updating . . . Start small and we can work out the problem from there. But if scrolling works fine when you click the bar but not when using your wheel, it's likely related to your physical device.

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    Laz, Thanks for the quick responce.

    When it does it, it does it on every site on every page. the first time it did it I thought maybe it was Charter's crappy service so I did a speed test and was running at just under 1mbps. So I figured id give it a lil time thinking maybe they were having isses agian. A few hrs later it worked fine agian, so I re-checked the speed and was back up to 4-5 mbps.
    Only now Im running 3-5 mbps and its doing it 90% of the time.

    Ive ran CCleaner,disk defrag,disc cleaner, cleared all browser mem,and ran my Norton 360.
    My Pc is a Hp pavillion a6628f. Its like 2 yrs old.
    Ive just got this feeling that its my broadband laggin. If it is theyre FIRED! lol.
    If its the Pc then Ill just save my shit and get a new one,and let Mr. Sledgehammer have this one NBD. Still Id hate to throw 2k into a new PC if I dont have to...ya know?

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    Ok problem solved.
    I called a friend of mine and he came over and did some shit to my PC while on the phone with my IP.
    Works great now!

    Thanks agian!

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