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Thread: Vista Antivirus 2012 - WTF?!?

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    Vista Antivirus 2012 - WTF?!?

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    Has anybody heard of this "Vista Antivirus 2012" program before? I didn't know about it, or that it was on my computer until it completely hijacked my computer and refused to let anything else really work.

    I have a few months left on my McAffee subscription (I've always thought McAffee was a great antivirus/firewall program), so when this other Vista AntiV program started bombarding me with Virus Infection warnings I was really confused. This program blocked all internet access (except for my Gmail for some strange reason) and all options and "scan now" buttons redirected to a screen trying to get me to buy a subscription to this program. I figured it was a virus of sorts, so I ran some big-ass scans with McAffee, hours later not a single report of a Virus came back, so I was confused as hell...

    Contemplating reformating my computer, I finally desided to look for contact info or something for this Vista Shit Program. The email to the company and their response to me is as follows:

    Quote Originally Posted by My Email to this stupid program's company
    I am more than happy with my current subscription to McAffe for my anti-virus and firewall. Vista Antivirus 2012 has somehow hijacked my computer and is not allowing me to even access the McAfee website.

    Please let me know how I can disable Vista Antivirus 2012, nothing I do seems to work and I don't feel like I should be forced into purchasing this program.


    Quote Originally Posted by Their Response to me
    Hello Dear friend!
    I am really sorry that your computer has been infected. So, these pop-ups and are not the part of our product,
    they are a some kind of a virus from the internet and don't belong to our program. It was done by our advertising
    partner and he's already banned.
    This program will be self-removed in 6 days. There would be no problems after it is deleted.
    Also you can just set date and time setting in your windows control panel 6 days later according to current date. Then restart ur system.

    let me know please if you have any other problems.
    Thanks and have a great day!

    below the control panel - gray stripe - in the left corner of the icon windows, at the right - clock and the
    program are minimized to tray. Click on the icon of the date and time the right mouse button - you have a window
    will appear, and one of the teams will Adjust Time / Date - click there and change the date and time.
    I was really really fucking confused by this email, but decided to give it a shot, and it actually worked. Jumping my clock ahead by a week, then rebooting seems to have completely wiped my computer of this bullshit. I was luckily able to reverse the sands of time and get my clock/calender back in line with the rest of the world and everything is still good.

    Has anybody else had issues with this program, or have heard of this happening to somebody else?

    Also, does anybody have any suggestions for the best AntiV/Firewall program to get? My McAffee is up in a few months, and although I think it works good I'm always up for hearing suggestions.

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    Do not buy it...

    6 days and it is gone?

    I call bullshit.

    I'd do some file by file scanning if I were you... An intensive pain in the ass to be sure but afterwards YOU can be sure.

    one google link to the virus of your boggle.

    Looks legit.. has decent easy instructions... Would now recommend checking it out.
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    I would also use trend micro house call scanner and see what it says. Your email probably was used to spam the world.

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    I'd pay a visit to well worth a look my friend, they have got rid of every virus i've ever had there.

    Even down to writing code to get rid of a trojan, and telling me how to put it on an external drive and run my computer from the drive to deal with the virus
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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. First chance I get I'll go look at those links and see if the program is actually gone or not.

    I knew from the moment I saw this bullshit that it was something strange, and not just a normal Antivirus program that was laying dormant on my system. That's why I was considering just reformatting the computer.

    The 6 day thing is really weird, but jumping my clock ahead a week actually worked, the program stopped it's hostile take over and everything went back to normal.

    I wonder how many people fall for this scam though.

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    Plenty do. Or they get the "Download X and we'll scan for you and blah" all the time. I've taught my family NOT to d/l any thing unless they specifically clicked on some thing to d/l. But even then not every one gets it.

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    Holy fuck in a basket full of babies. I do not know what you got yourself into, but this certainly isn't good. It can be solved, though.

    This "Vista" scanner is obviously bollocks. By emailing the company you may have actually opened yourself up to some serious spam. The company is probably bollocks. You were infected by one of their advertisers that they banned? Seriously?

    Hey little girl, you look nice in that pink dress. I have a rose and some candy in my van. Would you like to see? I'll show the rose, but the candy is in the my pants even.

    See the connection? Creepy, isn't it?

    You don't necessarily have to reformat. That's a last effort. But, if you don't mind reformatting then I say do it to be safe. If you'd like to avoid reformatting I suggest you go through and read the info on the other threads in this forum, even the Tips forum.

    Download REVO and uninstall everything on your computer you don't recognize, but certainly remove McAfee. It's probably the worst on the market these days. Just yank everything installed you don't recognize. (Even if you recognize them, uninstall EVERY toolbar.) After McAfee is uninstalled, download Avast and Malwarebytes.

    Run boot scans.

    From here there could be other issues, but hopefully not. Start simply: get rid of the shit.

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    I got that virus twice in two weeks. I installed AVG free edition and it took care of it. However, you have to also use that in conjunction with closing the files manually that AVG won't catch by looking at your task manager and seeing what new apps run when it triggers. There were several variants which I don't even recall what clever filenames they were. I hate it that there is no one who can do justice to these companies.

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