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Thread: I am a prophet

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    I am the demon yellow eyes i am the one who sent the message to you i did'nt tell you to speak of it!!!!

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    Originally Posted by provenanswers
    I can not only tell you about the future of the world but as to HOW and WHY it will happen. 28 years ago I received a vision and in a VERY short while the world is going to go through a VERY VIOLENT change. If you go to my web site (it's in my username), you will understand HOW and most importantly WHY. will understand WHY the world must go through this REBIRTH. It is going to happen real soon and the best way to survive is to educate yourself...."blessed are those who hunger and thirst for knowledge for they shall have their fill"
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    You, like many others on these message boards are offering answers to questions nobody has asked.

    Its called "preaching" but some take it a step further and call it "teaching" - its often difficult for the preachers and teachers to tell the difference themselves exactly what they are doing. Some major life altering event happens to a person and they want to shout to the world this new found esoteric and absolute knowledge that no man can ever know - their experience has now made them an expert.

    I'm not gonna knock that an event isn't or might not be personal or special to that person or life altering. My problem or objection with it all is when they "INSIST" that I must be made knowledgable about it and that what they have to say is absolutely correct or irrefutable.
    I aint necessarily "thirsting" for their knowledge or their fill. This amazes and confounds them?
    Galadriel: "I amar prestar aen. Han mathon ne nen. Han mathon ne chae. A han noston ne 'wilith. "Translation: "The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air."

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