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    The X-Files

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    Anyone here watch The X-Files? I've been watching the hell out of that show. In less than a month I watched seasons 1-7 and the first movie, and I'm working on season 8 now. Fantastic show, a lot better than what's on TV nowadays (Jersey Shore) in my opinion. So, anyone else here like it?

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    Ohhhh, I may've devoted a smidge of attention to it thru the years...

    as you can tell by my current sig;
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    Doc Velocity
    Try visiting the thrift stores, like Goodwill or Value Village... You'll find whole fucking libraries of X-Files VHS videos for dirt cheap, like 99 per cartridge, and each VHS contains 3 episodes of X-Files.

    I never watched X-Files when it was on television, because I don't watch television, for one thing. For another thing, I read that it was pure fictional bullshit dreamed up by Chris Carter, a whole new mythology of UFOs and Earth-invasion, et cetera.

    I hate fiction.

    However, around the year 2000, I surprisingly ran into an old girlfriend from way back in the late 1970s, and it turns out she and her husband are the principle DEVELOPERS of the X-Files computer video games — no shit, she got to work with Chris Carter, David Duchovney, Gillian Anderson, all those people, in developing the goddamned game. She (my old girlfriend) is even a regular voice-over in the game.

    Well, this discovery sparked my belated interest in X-Files, and so I started collecting the fucking thing on second-hand VHS whenever I saw it. I would prefer DVD, but it's not NEARLY as cheap as VHS, and you can buy a good fucking VHS player for around $10 now, so what the fuck.

    What I found is that the TV series was amazingly good for a few years, before they sank into that lame shit of occasionally showing David Duchovney in a hospital bed for an entire season.

    No wonder he left the show.

    I mean, Gillian Anderson basically CARRIED the X-Files for about 3 years, as it sank into worse and worse stories.

    At its hottest, it was one of the most fascinating and FUNNY shows I've ever seen. I mean, the membrane between the show and its audience was SO THIN, you would catch Duchovney mugging the camera, tossing "Can you believe this shit?" glances at the audience.

    You could tell he and Gillian were having a blast...when it was FUN, that is.

    Toward the end, as Robert Patrick came into the cast, I felt like it was devolving into just another waste of time, riding a wave of decaying fame that wore out its welcome years earlier.

    I do wish they had used their time and creativity and MONEY more wisely, taking X-Files to the big screen about 5 years EARLIER than they did.

    — Doc Velocity

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