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Thread: To those who believe in God

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoudAmerican View Post
    WHY? WHY NOT? ... what created the very first thing in existence?
    That first atomic particle had to come from something .

    How did the first spec of existence begin?
    How did a Neutron become an electron?
    Which was first? neutron or electron?
    ... besides that - God stays active in my life.

    I prayed for decades to Jesus for a good wife who will give me one son to carry my name - got NOTHING!!

    One night I prayed to God and gave this need to him - the very next morning I met my wife and it fit so perfect that had God told me to create a perfect wife - I might have been lucky enough to create 10% of what I have with this lady!

    ... and she never had any intention of have a child and wanted to give me a son shortly after we met.

    We have been together over 14 years and I still feel like a school boy in love for the first time!

    That is one of many things which tell me there is a God.

    In 1975 (a week before Christmas) I rolled a 1969 Mustang fastback 6 times racing another car ... tried to catch a shoulder when on coming traffic crested the hill (I was in their lane) - rear tire caught traction and through us (my girlfriend and I) into a sloped ditch - the moment I knew that I lost it I called out something like "God - Please No!"
    At that point - I instantly relaxed and enjoyed the view.

    The ONLY injury was a few cuts on my hand from climbing out of the over turned car - she came out without a single scratch ... while we were waiting for the cops - someone asked if anyone survived that accident. It looked that bad. Roof was so collapsed that to this day I am not sure how we made it.

    There were many other times when God made Himself known to me - unquestionably!

    Actually - He makes Himself known every week to my wife and I
    I am glad to hear to life is good. But giving God credit for what is essentially serendipity doesn't change the nature of God. The universe could have easily been created from nothing by accident, your argument is the same as mine, where did god come from? He has always been there? Where did the universe come from? It has always been there? Both questions are nonsense. God is a good metaphor for the good things about humanity and also, sometimes the bad. I have missed the grasp of death by inches on many occasions, I met my wonderful wife at just the perfect moment, a little too late....nothing, a little too early...nothing. Life is a wonderful thing because of these little coincidences and if you want to say God did it, fine. But don't blame the devil when the responsibility for our collective stupidity belongs to us.

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    We have our own belief in life. I believe in God because since I was a kid my parents and all the people around me introduce that there is God to me. We often go to church every Sunday and we read bible a lot. I myself believe that there is God because the moment I pray each day to thank him for everything and free me from worries I know that he is listening. If you have God in your heart you will definitely surpass all problems that come your way no matter how little or big it is.

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    In my childhood I was made a Catholic because the only kindergarten in our town was at their school so at 5 years old BOOM they made me one.

    For my own understandings - I do not personally buy into corporate religion (if you do - good luck!)

    I do know that on several occasions in my life I had to call on God as I understand Him and solutions were provided quickly.

    Some of you may not agree with the idea of a God - good luck!

    In part - who knows until it's too late?

    I get it that science is desperately scrambling to prove that existence came from nothing. If that works for them - cool!

    Seriously - to me it doesn't matter what YOU think! That's your end result! You own it and what happens is on you!

    I personally think I am going toward hell when all is said and done ... I have done too many things which were wrong - yet for some reason God seem's to be there for me in this life and it shows all the time.

    For what I have seen and accredit to God has been so amazing to me that it is impossible for me to ignore it as a series of flukes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiccan_Child View Post
    Hi! First post here!

    To those people who believe God exists, my question is: why?

    A brief description (or long, your choice) of what you believe would also be helpful :p

    LOL one hit wonder..

    I try hard not to laugh much about wiccanism.... seeing as it's only a few decades old .... I got a much better question for yall, what the fuck is the appeal of wicca? It is an artifical mish mash of many religions and ideas lifted from whatever looks good. Thats all fine and dandy except if your seeking the higher understanding past the idea of corporal gods....

    understanding does not confine itself to the lady and the green man. LOL
    Jim Crow America relegated Blacks to the back of buses. Israel wants Arabs excluded from the bus entirely.

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    To you people who don't believe in God, don't worry about it. Those who do believe in God don't know Him either.
    I am the way, the truth and the light of life. There is no other God besides me.

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    Metaphysics poses many difficult problems, such as what is humanity, what is belief, what is knowledge, what is G-d. Philosophy has traditionally overly simplified, by assuming there are no deities. Natural philosophy being the first kind of philosophy invented, by Thales of Miletus and Pythagoras of Samos. Theology is the practice of philosophy that doesn't make that one simplifying assumption.

    As I see it, the problem is difficult because it is a Gordian Knot ... belief exists in dialectic with knowledge, and humanity exists in dialectic with G-d. Then it gets really complicated after that ;-)

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