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Thread: Gravity's Death

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    Gravity's Death

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    Call the machines
    Make a lateral appearance
    It's a pretty end considering you might be dead
    Scratch that, will soon to be
    And it has an affect on me
    That I can't quite finger, mentally molest
    Into making a little bit of sense
    I saw the rising red tide, I heard the sailor's call
    The sun don't set, not in the west
    No the sun don't set at all
    And yet it's begun to fall
    Open up the ocean, like a book that never was
    To be read, just written, an elementary cause
    Oh the type stops making sense by the second page, the wave
    That's come to wash us all away
    And I know the difference now, between the gods hearts
    And the earth's crown

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    the earth has weight; the moon has weight; then just split the distance between them on x and D-x... the lever law says those weights must reciprocate their barycentric distances so they can be in equilibrium. yes, gravity is dead... i snipped it.
    don't ask for money and the energy is free

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    knew somebody was messing with the natural order. you should be ashamed of yourself.

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