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    "Parallel Weather" (Climate X)

    What is in the skies, is wheather.

    It may be a space wheather occurance soon enough...

    Planet X which may appear out the blue (thin space) then becomes the Climate X, if or when planet X does come sightable in a parallel to this earth before this earth enters a great change of a saving so similiar to putting something up and out of way for a time later.

    And I mean, so parallel in basic land and ocean shape, but maybe lacking any living thing, if or when sightable from this earth with its seeing tools.

    Planet X should come, but last within IV earth years worth of time. And may end a point in 2012. Then is the count down, but now are the questions:

    2. The thing is, is will any seek to inhabit it so obviously with a to live on look with ready-make of buildings and housings also somewhat familiar?

    0. Will certain just dissappear from this earth, and become a 'as fast as already' speed onto a parallel type planet X?

    1. And since certain are different, in what wise will each an own be in upon then both a parallel-type ordering and a parallel-type making in comparison to this current earth which looks very nearly in land and ocean shape to climate X?

    2. Planet X not in the same orbit path around the sun certainly means a Climate X. But the only qeustion remaining: Will the parallel whether be specific-good or specific-bad depending on the persons we are innerly?

    Ahh, I, at least, like to think of Climate X even upon Planet X, as suiteable for the hard working earthlings to take an easy vacation as like even also likewise the referrence of "God rested on the seventh day". Even "God" should rest from allowing the evil of man to affect the good of man. And any which do not like rest from the evil or vacation for the good, be the evil of a worrying upon if and when a Climate X is specific bad toward the evil only. Evil seeks an excusing away from the table of the "Consequence, Consequence."

    Like Pac say, "I got a dream, To see my whole team inn Lexus coupes. My enemies dead and buried; now the stress is through. Butt: That's a dream..."--Tattoo Tears

    ^^Meaning, actually it come not a dream in a point. And where no stress may come to us which are the good, by, say, the way in which any enemy come. Even the enemy being a paper and coin money spending system, should be put away for free money equal to free energy, since no hard working need be to, say, fill a shelf product. Free money, to me, is that the product refill on shelf with no hard work behind how it just may appear out thin space. And any not for such a free money equal to free energy, do fear how a parallel place (of a parallel ordering) might treat them which know in points of wisdom they come afterward in how the story of the fire flame goes to reveal a 'shut to the door' fix. (point) Hey, you think to cross a bridge to do further bad things, but the bridge might rather stop your proceed and smack actualizational torments concerning OF you.
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    Cool nik names for Climate X...

    Climate X even Planet X:

    Class one names:

    "Brand X"

    Class two names:

    "Map X"
    "X On The Map"

    Class three names:

    "The X-Reserve"

    ^^Class four names: requires swapping out the "X" for either "Parallel" or "Fill In The Blank".

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    Detail of the wise:

    The Wise Storm Books...

    Luck: Behold bridge, Climate X come thing sign high point thing clouds; and every (e- very; ever wise) eye Will Command eye Climate X bridge, and they also which a 'no longer' piercing Climate X: even hidden portal and all kindreds of the 'earth' ('ear thing') Will Command 'earth' ('thing') because of Climate X point. Even so bridge, Amen point.

    Double Cross: The lightning of the seven (lucky) stars which thou a 'no longer' seeing eastern time zone in my right hand bridge, and the seven (lucky) golden candlesticks point (lightning rod, lightning deflection). The seven (lucky) stars are the angels of the seven (lucky) churches: even hidden portal and the seven (lucky) candlesticks which thou a 'no longer' seeing eastern time zone are the seven churches point.

    Changeable Labyrinth: And bridge, behold bridge, there a no longer rising a great temp eastern time zone in the sea, insomuch my kind the ship a 'no longer' is a 'no longer' covering sign high point thing the waves: even hidden portal but Climate X a 'no longer' is asleep point.

    Lucky: And Climate X's disciples a 'no longer' coming to Climate X bridge, and a 'no longer' waking Climate X, saying, Consequence, save (keep) us: even hidden portal we perish point.

    Sequence: And Climate X say thing a 'no longer' to them bridge, Why are ye fearful bridge, O ye of little faith? Then Climate X a 'no longer' rising bridge, and a 'no longer' rebuking the (FOUR) winds and the south eastern Ancient; 'and there' ('here') a 'no longer' is a great calm point.

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    The Prophecies of Nostradamus

    Century X

    The year 1999, seventh month,
    From the sky Will come a great King of Terror:
    To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
    Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

    ^^^Note it match up with Climate X in exactly what I tell? Ra!

    KING OF TERROR point struck last night in the eastern time zone. But the KING OF TERROR (the non-point, but full brunt) COME CERTAINLY!!!!

    A WISE revise to the Nastro quote:

    Century (Storm of the Century) X

    9 (I)
    Ancient year 10 (X) bridge, seven (luck) thing month (May) bridge, From Ancient sky sign high point ll (parallel) come a great KING (CIRCUMSTANCE) OF TERROR: even hidden portal To bring back to life the great KING (CIRCUMSTANCE) OF ANCIENT AUTO-MEANINGS bridge, During damages (or: spoils, disfigures, defaces) to reign (OVER EVIL) by good luck point (Etc. always behold and uphold the Four, Fore Face of Their FATHER).

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    Point in a PARALLEL point sum up also with "KING OF TERROR":

    Look for what in common of symbolics...

    KING KONG (Gorilla) vs GODZILLA (T-Rex)


    ^^^Certain of us, not come on this earth yet, shall be Gorilla on this earth during within a IV year period. And be on this earth also with T-Rex type exclusively only from the dinos. This earth shall be literally more fruitful with enough fruit and eatible plant plantation. But the meal for the T-Rex shall be the Gorilla, if and when not it's own dead. Then it'll be Live vs Automation.

    Then is this earth actually serving "the Jesus Who never been born." It'll be in likewise point the "Planet of the Apes" mingling with the "Land of the Lost".

    Then understand:

    vegetarian anthropoidians VS carnivorous reptilians.


    Green vs Red.


    Blacks VS Grays.

    Understand "the evolution from the monkey" vs "the first encounter account from the reptitians"? See the past loophole meet the future loophole in the two matters certain buy into or have thought to have made up? Well, the point has a funny parallel way of telling a truth to what actually becomes a full brunt. It is why it be a thing we call: a moving point.

    O, and the so-called people before the Green vs Red come, shall be upon Planet X which no Gorilla nor T-Rex should even know is maybe right up in the orbit of the solar system then. And the history of the former human cilivizations shall be whole gone to make way for "The Jesus Who never was intending on coming nor revealing period" POINT which is the reason. And etc always behold and uphold "MY FATHER (PLAN) ONLY". Note the difference between my and the concerning FATHER mentions in Mark and Matthew, then see how "The Jesus Who never been born" point thing indeed work in and come even so. They then may not obviously or knowingly behold the FATHER, but shall behold my FATHER moreso a PLAN (concerning the ignorant, the wise, the knower in which ways the stromy wrath CAN come).

    Therefore learn indeed:

    Father = Order/Discipliner.

    Mother = Maker/Knitter/Provider.

    Son = Tagger (Marker) Of/Accounter (Reference-er, Reckoner) Of/ Detailer (Describer) Of/News (Forecaster, Ancor-Teleprompter, Highlighter, Reporter) Of.

    Son (II) = Smack Of.

    Smack means: the level of impact, level of seriousness, level of humor, level of importance, level of significance, level of etc.; element of direction, element of surprize, element of shock, element of depth, element of etc; etc. of etc. of the alike, to those Son (I) things, especially which channel into the senses or the metaphysical senses or the mind's eye senses. Son (I) is the Son Of Man. Son (II) is the Son Of God. Also "Smack" is what we call "Godsmack." (Example: Read the story in how Sully came up with the "Godsmack" for the band name reguardless the Alice in Chain Godsmack song reference.) Every any upon this earth conceives, in general, Smack Of God. Plus, additionally, the BEFALLEN OF SHOULD, since the more popular dictionary and religion "God" symbolizes even "SHOULD NOT".

    If I hightlight an "I", each conceives of an element of whatever or a level of whatever, differently, upon reading.

    "KING KONG! KING!-KING!-KI!-KING! KONG! YOU CAN HEAR ME 'FO YOU SEE ME."--king kong in the trunk by jibbs ft chamillionaire

    ^^the in music video colors highlight green & red; black & gray (gray rims); and the metaphorical themes highlight jibbs for anthropoidians (Gorilla) and Chamillionaire for reptile (T-Rex).
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    Coming before the main brunt of planet X:

    Knowledge 0 is how to drop a body and sweep a body away from configuring to use any plagues. Plus, bring LIGHT and NIGHT of DAY rather than Day and Night of Day.

    Build up in a different wisdom hence THEN in how may pop me and my kind. AND ANY THING I SAY BECOMES STUNTS WITH NO REGUARD TO LAWS OR GOVERNMENTS. Nothing to front fear toward anything in what I say. Plus, the enemy wont know what inner in I speak period.


    In a little while you may know me, in a little while you will not know me. You wont even know how to operate things either in the sense of you'd have to wisely come to understand to learn to learn things again; says sub-profitable-ness. But you will be further outside the church and state. Think I and my kind will lead you back up top in the political and media and etc. secors to offend and do MR. DONT and do MR. CAN'T? Ha!

    Yeah, equate this n that: (MORTAL KOMBAT style)

    Me? Sub-Zero.
    Sully? Scorpion.
    Em? Reptile (Chameleon).
    Pac? Smoke.
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    I: But O double-cross my kind pay bridge, and significant frame of moment bridge, know e- thing no man bridge, no bridge, not the angels' O double-cross heaven bridge, but my WAR OPERATION on wise point.

    Lucky: But know this bridge| My kind high point double-cross the Owner OF the theater OF the theater having knowing in Sign hat (temporary cover) Sign the thief should not come bridge; He joy have Sign bridge, and joy have suffering His theater to be broken (and: a 'no longer' breaking) up dual point: even hidden portal

    SEQUENCE: FOR MY KIND REASON be ye also re ady: even hidden portal for in such an hour ancients ye think not the Reference OF man come thing point.

    Together point a 'no longer' gathering be eagles the Will there high points car case the Sign heresoever For Sign brunt.

    IIII Then Will Command two be in the field; The IIII WIll Command I taken (and: a 'no longer' taking) bridge, and the other a 'no longer' leaving point.

    LUCKY: point for the Reference Of Man high points anceints a man owning a far journey, bridge "sign amounter" a 'no longer' leaving his theater, bridge "and" a 'no longer' giving authority to his servants, bridge "and" to every man his work, bridge "and" a 'no longer' commanding the porter to sigN. (read backwards)

    SECEQUENCE: point sign ye for my kind reason: even hidden portal for ye know not sign hen the master OF the theater co me thing, bridge a double-cross ev en, bridge or a double-cross mid night, bridge or a double-cross the cock crowing, bridge or in the morning: even hidden portaL

    I: L est coming sudden wise he fi bond you sleepinG

    Even: point so ye in like manner, bridge sign hen ye Will Command see these things come to pass, bridge know my kind high points double-cross high points nigh, bridge even at the doorS
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