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Thread: Your ufo sightings and experiences...

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    Smile Your ufo sightings and experiences...

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    I would be very interested in hearing who on AO has seen ufo's, strange lights and/or formations. So if you have any strange experiences that you would like to share then please leave your thoughts here :)


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    When I was a teenager, a girlfriend and I were sitting outside her house on the curb of the sidewalk, smoking cigarettes. It was probably 8:30 or so at night. Nice, calm, warm Arizona night. I brought her attention to what seemed to be a small craft hovering over the houses a few blocks away. It had little flashing red lights all around it and the craft itself was oval in shape. We sat and watched it with our jaws hanging. It probably hovered there for a minute or two, then sped away at break-neck speed. It was actually quite neat.

    These days, I wonder if it was a remote control or something. Either way, I'll never forget it.

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    I have yet to see anything in my life. I do believe and would love to see something. I guess I need to look up more often.
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    Just like yourself on the back door with my friend having a smoke,when he said a star
    is going over the roof.
    I said yeah right but stayed out all night and glad we did,we had lost count of how many spheres we were seeing.

    Then a large round light came over my back garden silent and no flashing lights,we put our backs to the wall.
    Later on it came around again but this time had noticed two smaller spheres blinking at each other,went up in the air and then gone.
    neighbors and friends started to see them as well ,the bright sphere came over our area over and over again.

    Of course we clocked how many we could see and varied from night to night,five minutes then ten then appear out of nowhere.
    It got to the point walk out the back door and then see one and would even flash slowly at me? not too sure.

    Took my dog for a walk i said that star or what looks like one is coming closer,i
    it did of course.
    When we started to go down by the river as it was darker a beam of light came above my friends head and went back up.
    As we looked more and more were starting to see something we could nor explain.
    Im not kidding as the report i made back then is still floating around the web.

    Here are some recent reports look at Bedford and kempston as i did live in kempston when these were reported and now live in the centre of bedford.
    They say animals know as did my dog at the time as she started to yelp and wanted to move when the sphere was sited in the local park.

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    The Fallen
    My wife and I were driving through a local nature preserve one night around midnight. There were no other cars on the road and the stars were brilliantly bright. We slowed down and were enjoying the view of the cosmos free from light pollution when we notice a dot in the sky which looked slightly larger then a star, but otherwise just the same. Then, as soon as we notice it, it zoomed off with great speed, leaving a white trail similar to that of a shooting star.

    The one creepy thing was that it wasn't falling - it was moving UP, away from the ground.

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    Ok, here's one of my many ufo experiences...

    It was around 2 years ago, I lived in an roof top apartment (great 360 sky views) I remember it was around 7pm... the skies were dark, I can't remember for what reason I looked up into the sky... but what I saw were lots of little flashing lights (white and blue in colour) darting around the sky... there must have been 20-30 separate lights which flashed and darted around the sky, I live not far from an airport (they weren't planes) planes would cross the sky... and these flashing lights would follow the planes, whizz around them etc. They stayed in the sky for another 4-5hours...


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    I never saw one but my father swears he did. He attributes it to a military op not aliens. He was actually flash-blinded by the explosion when it was detonated near him. But then he can't be sure. All he knows is that the "plane" was not a scheduled flight. He was in a position to know the schedules I will put it that way. This was unscheduled. And unidentified. But in his case, probably mere earthlings.

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    This is one that made the local news.

    happened in 1995 over the city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

    A huge UFO flew over the city at around 5 pm during the rush hour. It was described as looking like a skyscraper flying on its side. The reason was because when the sun reflects off the windows of a skyscraper it shimmers. This thing had the same effect.

    It shut down the power grid and all electronic gadgets refused to work. A lot of the more sophisticated ones like video cameras never worked again.

    The whole town was brought to a standstill as they watched this thing move slowly across the city and drift off.

    I arrived in the town about two weeks after the event and everyone was still talking about it so I got a full description etc.

    Now here comes the kicker.

    About a year later I mentioned the incident again and no one remembered it. I had to explain back to the very people who had told me about it exactly what they had told me. They vaguely remembered it after I told them but it would seem that the incident would not hold in their long term memory. It appears that because I only arrived 2 weeks after the event I was not affected by the collective amnesia.

    I have always wondered what else could have happened during this time that there is no recording of.
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    I Swear Over My Mothers Grave....... This is true!

    One saturday morning around 4:30 am. waiting for a cab to drive up and take me to work. I was standing on the porch and all of a sudden a rather close yet small craft or unknow fast passing/flying object almost shaped like a football appeared right before my eyes. I always believe that there are such things, but have never experienced them to often. This image looking back almost looked holographic and not to real though. I am always looking at the sky and see strange lights and or planes that just linger and sit there non moving or moving in a strange pattern.
    Before this one past experience I was working at the medical center behind my house as a housekeeper back in the 80's and was taking the trash out around sometime between 9pm. and I happen to look up to my right at an angle and saw some kind of moving object that was making a cross motion. Moving up and down and then across left to right. I turn around fast to get a security guard to show him this unusual object in the sky, something then told me to turn around and looked again up at the sky and it was gone. Back in the late 60's early 70's { Guess I'm giving my age out here now.}* I was probably around 10 yrs. old I believe, I was sitting on my brothers front porch with one of my nephews talking and we all of a sudden saw a extremely fast moving lit object speed across the sky over the small shopping center and wondered what in the heck was that? Ever since the first experience back in the 60's-70's. I have been pre-occupied to look up at the sky when I venture outside. Day or afternoon or night I have even taken picture with a digital camera of a lingering non moving object/plane and it never shows up on camera. Strange it all seems. What to make of it not sure?

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    interesting stories guys.

    mine sounds remarkably similar to a few of them.

    basically, I saw a matt golden orb, beach ball size, appear in the sky 100 metres away and it whizzed off almost as though it vanished, I could just make out which way it went; up.

    it happened as i drove back up the M1 Motor/Free-Way in the UK around Junction 19.

    I have a few possible theories about it:

    1. ball lightning
    2. Military experimental aircraft (there is a base near there)
    3. Aliens
    4. Nicola Tesla back from the grave creating crop circles with his machines (ha ha )

    I wanted to go back to see if a crop circle had been formed there but never got the chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler
    About a year later I mentioned the incident again and no one remembered it. I had to explain back to the very people who had told me about it exactly what they had told me. They vaguely remembered it after I told them but it would seem that the incident would not hold in their long term memory. It appears that because I only arrived 2 weeks after the event I was not affected by the collective amnesia.
    There was an event once that involved my parents and me- at least at the beginning. It started off as the three of us were almost home one night from an evening spent at my aunts house. We were still in the car, I was almost asleep in the back seat. I felt the car drift to a stop so I sat up as Mama was saying "What is that, Jimmy?" His face was frozen as if in fear, and when I turned to look at Mama so was hers. There was yellow light on their faces- but at the time, we didn't have street lights on our street.
    I looked out the window and saw, what at the time I believed to be, a giant owl standing in the road, just looking at us. He was about 3 1/2 feet tall.

    After that, it seems the rest of the experience was all about me, and I just don't want to go into the details. Then suddenly I remember waking up in bed. I had bruises on my wrists, upper arms, and ankles. I was sore all over and had another uncomfortable feelings.

    Anyway, I go into the kitchen and my parents were just sitting there, not talking, not looking at each other or up at me when I came in the kitchen. They just sat and stared into their coffee.
    As much as it was on my mind, I couldn't bring myself to ask them about the "giant owl".
    I had the strongest sense then that we had been placed in a bubble of silence, that we shouldn't speak of it.

    I chalked this experience, and others since, to a series of weird dreams on my part until maybe a decade ago, when I began reading about ET abduction experiences, which I had not been exposed to before. I learned that many people have the screen memory of owls most often, followed by insects, deer, rabbits, ect at the beginning of an abduction, and that often there is a forgetfulness or an inability to discuss afterwards anything that several witnesses may have encountered together.
    Also, many of the events I had chalked up to dreaming were described for me time and again, almost step by step, by countless others who feel as if they have been visited.
    My experiences changed some as I became older, and I am not so sure they are a threat.
    I do believe that, if what we think we have experienced is real, that there are several types of extraterrestrial life forms, but the ones we have the most contact with, on a mass level, are very interested in our DNA and our ability to bear children. The ones we see the most often, the "greys", are usually like field workers who are out collecting samples or conducting "surveys", the results of which they report to superiors. If these remembrances are accurate descriptions of real events, they also have a program where there are young being raised, and they hope that we can imprint them with our instincts of nurture and play-time, and cuddling. They are always motioning you to touch or hold the young ones.

    There are some that can be best described as "light beings" and they tend to show you things, such as new worlds that are perfect, and if what I experienced is real and not imaginary, they are concerned very much with the state of humanity on earth, but it seems they really can't do anything about it. They feel like teachers and show deep concern without emotion.
    They tend to show pictures on a screen of the earth as it goes through many stages, only to implode upon itself in the end, or some other destruction that involves very acrid smelling smoke and burnt blood. They are, in my experience, trying to warn us to change our ways before it is too late, and they have also appeared to me in other experiences that were very frightening, to comfort me. (again, unless all of this is some crazy dream.)

    Has anyone else ever been shown the giant "TV screen" where you could see Earth?
    Or, have you experienced being in a blue-green fluid and being told to breathe, but of course, being very afraid to breath?
    (It is an oxygen suspension of some sort)
    Or, have you seen the two moons? As if, one moon appears from behind the real one.

    So far, I've tried to explain it in as many ways as possible, but nothing else fits as well as me actually the same or similar experiences as many other people around the world, many of whom have no media contact with the whole UFO phenomenon as usually portrayed. I always try to be open to other reasons why so many people are experiencing this, whether it is a dream, or a mass insanity, or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by equalizer View Post
    I have yet to see anything in my life. I do believe and would love to see something. I guess I need to look up more often.
    I've been looking up at the skies every chance I get. All I've seen so far is the moon, stars and clouds. Where's an alien when you want one?

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    I don't have one personally but my mother once told me about an experience she had in her earlier years:

    She was in a field (This is in New Jersey for anyone wondering) running adjacent to a freeway, playing with friends. She said her first friend suddenly stopped tossing a ball around or something and was suddenly staring just over the freeway where a large thing of indeterminable shape (Though she said it was circular or oval-like in nature) was hovering. She said she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand and another friend fainted. Several cars pulled over to the emergency lane to look up at the object, at which point she said it disappeared from view nearly instantaneously.

    Was never sure if she was joking or not, almost want to believe she was.

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