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Thread: What do you think of this video? Mock the mentally retarded.

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    What do you think of this video? Mock the mentally retarded.

    No not Youtube. Usually I post funny videos. But I seen this and the comments about it make me sick, as always making me ****ing hate humanity.

    I'll just point it out now. The couple, or maybe just roommates in the video have forms of mental retardation. I found the video sweet (as in "what a sweet couple"). Seem like nice people. You can skip the music part if you want and go to 4:20 to hear them talk about why they made the video (sort-of). But I think their dancing was great. Hell they got more guts then I do and I know how to ballroom dance. They are pretty cool. The video is fine to watch if your wondering. Its filmed by the couple.

    READ the comments below the video when done then respond here:

    Thats the kind of **** I hate. Occasionally I go to that site because they have funny or interesting videos but more and more I see stuff that is just offensive. From people making fun of mentally retarded people to videos of well other things. As bad as videos are its the comments that make me pissed.

    Oh wait it gets better...
    There is a picture there of a guy who for the longest time made a funny face. Well I missed the original post and thought it was funny too. I mean just the face alone you don't know the truth. Hes mentally retarded. So every week or so they have a contest to see who can use put his face in pictures and make him look funnier. This week I found out he was actually disabled and stopped viewing the pics.

    Heres the latest "contest photos":

    Tell me what you think of them. I haven't seen them and refuse to look at pictures of them using the face of someone whos disabled like that. I can only imagine the comments. I probably won't be going back to that site anymore. It feels like all the site I go to are invaded by sick crap like that now.
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