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    Paranormal Investigation

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    Hello, Im new to the group but ive been a paranormal investigator for the past 3 years... I've had numerous personal experiences leaving me wanting answers... So I did peoples homes, Abandonment, Graveyards.. Etc etc... So the other night me and a friend went to a graveyard and caught some unreal mists thought you guys might like to check em out and give opions. :)

    These photos arent tampered with, there was a lot of temperature fluxation... Drops close to 10-20 degrees along with emf spikes hitting anywhere from 2.0-8.9 in the middle of a graveyard. No one was smoking that night. And the holding temperature was 51 degrees so it wasnt cold enough to see your own breath. So I think this is solid evidence of spirits. I also captured a few evps that night.. Quite clear too.

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    Very interesting, and welcome to our forum. You may find some things of interest here.
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    Looks like the dead are not dead after all???

    but what i think, it is kind of fog, i heard that theses kind of things are normal, especially at night of course, none of the less it is interesting.

    Welcome aboard, Dangerousdale Krakatoa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerousdale View Post
    So I think this is solid evidence of spirits. I also captured a few evps that night.. Quite clear too.
    Well, I would say it's solid evidence for the existence of an uneplained mist. Spirits is one hypothesis, but I personally can't make that jump based on those photos alone.

    But great photos, and welcome aboard!

    If you have anything else, we'd love to see it.

    (btw, what's an "evp?" can you post pics of these?)
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    Electronic voice phenomenon.
    Voices recorded with tape recorders that weren't heard while recording, most of the are just wrongfully interpreted static noise and ambient sounds do.

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    Right. lyconox described it well. Its somthing ive been interested in for a while. i worked as a grave digger.Ill tell you. Ive seen things, Shit i cant explain rationaly.
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    The other night, I figured id play with these photos a little on photoshop changing the colors and brigthening them... And what I seen gave me chills check these out

    This first one was anougher mist i caught

    Here are the altered ones bringing out the colors more

    these mists are so weird when the lights brought out you can see faces in them and they have layers and some of them are so bright you cant even see though them... Real Weird.. I'll have the evps up soon!

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    The alterations bring out what looks like a neanderthal skeleton in the orange picture with the guy in it. Creepy as hell.

    But one question, had it rained recently/was it humid? I remember that there was a huge summer storm the other day, and when it stopped was very hot out so the forests were pouring mist out of them. This was like, 3pm a couple days ago. So that might be one explanation, recent precipitation from a cold front on hot ground, causing mist.

    Not saying these can't be spirits, especially in a graveyard, but I would assume that being dead doesn't change your personality much so I don't know how many dead people would want to be hanging around in a boring graveyard for eternity.

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    The Spirits did not like you tresspassing on there resting grounds. Nice post, very good photography, and welcome.
    Der Tod Wuotans

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    very interesting indeed, what was the temp that night? Just curious..

    I've seen a lot of photos over the years, most, ahhh but these are quite interesting...

    are you planing on a nother investigation to see if you can capture the images again?

    the last one, with the guy on the left and the mist on the right is very interesting.. pull it into photoshop and just use light/contrast and lighten it a little and take a close look.. quite unusual.

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