what the fuck is up with toothpaste?

  1. Mezurashi
    no, really, what the fuck? years ago I remember the big fooforaw was about the Flouride added to toothpaste and how that was going to warp the brains of the kids using it.

    well, we still have Flouride in toothpaste and a billion other chemical concoctions that fight tartar, freshen breath for days and whiten teeth ...

    if Flouride is supposed to be so bad for you what about all that other crap they put in nowadays? hell, there's even kids toothpaste with Glitter in it - what kind of glitter is it and does it contain any toxins?

    arrrrrrgh ...
  2. medicvet
    I don't know..I brushed my teeth regularly, but there has been some damage to my jaw and I grind because of my nerves making everyting worse....now I am facing removal of all my teeth and getting fitted for dentures and it's totally embarrassing in a way, you know?
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