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  1. lazserus
    Apparently this warming trend is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Natural History magazine, Feb. 2009
    Comparing satellite images of Arctic sea ice with both satellite and field data on chlorophyll concentrations, Keven R. Arrigo and two colleagues at Standford University calculated that phytoplankton production in 2007 was 23 percent higher than the 1998-2002 average. All that missing ice let more light stream into the water, boosting photosynthesis; the phytoplankton colonized a greater area and benefited from a longer growing season than ever before
    The age of the polar bear is coming to an end and there's nothing we can do to halt natural selection. If tomorrow we went 100 percent green, emitting no carbon dioxide globally, the polar bears would still be a stressed species on the brink of extinction. This is not a new phenomenon. Though climate shift during the Mesozoic was much milder, the smallest temperature variants caused entire species to vanish. There is no natural rule that states a given species innately deserves a set amount of time on the planet. Mother Nature is quite unforgiving.

    The good news out of this "warming trend" is as the phytoplankton in the Arctic proliferate we'll see an increase in certain fish populations, creating more available food for humans. Overfishing in the North Atlantic and off the Eastern Seaboard has significantly diminished the fish populations, creating a gap in food source for humans and other sea life. Furthermore, for those of you concerned with CO2 content in the atmosphere, you can sleep a little more soundly knowing that phytoplankton is one of many micro-species on the planet that absorbs the gas.

    Climate is related to geology in that geology plays a significant, even major role in our planet's climate. Shifting plates, volcanic activity, rising and falling sea levels, all are factors in global climate, and all of which are significant geologic phenomena. I don't aim to use this social group to blab about the current global warming debate. I just thought I'd start with a little fire.
  2. EagleEye
    I, like many other, saw the movie An inconvenient Truth. At first, I was madder then I have been in years. then, over time and while doing my own research into the subject, (No, I'm not a professional but I can think for myself) I learned the Earth goes through different stages of warming trends and cooling trends. I will not say there is no such thing as "Global Warming" because I believe there is and we may be experiencing a form of it right now but on the other side of the coin, while many places are a lot warmers this year then usual, I have been watching the snow on the 14'ers out here and for the first time in more then 50+ years, there has been snow on them ALL year long. What does this mean? Who knows! But it's my belief that the Earth does go through different changes and mankind plays a part in some of the changes now.
  3. TruthWarrior
    EagleEye very nicely put and I 100% agree with you - I have read many books and did research into the NATURAL HEATING AND COOLING of our planet. It does indeed heat up and cool down due to increased carbon dioxide and heat which Dr. Gaspar claims is independent from mankind. In fact Dr. William Gaspar claims that every 11,500 and 23,000 years there is a major polar axis shift which causes severe earthquakes and flooding - his findings are taken/based from the Milankovitch cycle and we are currently going through that 11,500/23,000 year cycle.

    I do believe there is Global warming personally, but I do not take responsibility for causing it as a human being on this planet - I do believe the Global warming issue (which is a natural cycle) is not caused by Humans at all. Do we play a role in those changes now? It is hard to say considering that earth has always heated up and cooled down and this has been put to test and researched by the likes of Dr. William Gaspar -

    My theory is it is only obvious that if the world naturally heats and cools then the polar ice caps are always going to and probably where melting - my theory is they are melting faster today becuase we are further into the 11,500/23,000 year cycle where earth is heating naturally thus prompting ice caps to melt faster than they did say 100 years ago when we would have been 11,400 years into the cycle.

    This whole Myth that mankind is responsible for Global warming is nothing more than a fear tactic and a future tax on carbon emission just waiting to happen.

    Earth does and has always gone through these periods of heating up and cooling down, and we are currently in the phase of it heating up.
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