Laws are created to keep the peace and ensure members of a community/society are treated fairly and are kept safe. Rules are slightly more flexible than laws, though they embody the same general elements. Armageddon Online has both laws (re: sins) and rules associated with her forums, most of the rules expanding from our laws. The overall concept behind developing these laws and rules is to ensure we provide as pleasant an experience possible for all visitors and members, not to censor anyone or to control the flow of information.

The following will result in receiving infractions and/or lead to permanent banishment from our community. Infractions handed out from this list carry the most weight.

(1) Denial of Service (D.O.S.) et al: Orchestrating forum raids or repeatedly hammering a part of the site in hopes to cause slowdowns or interrupt service to members. This is classified as hacking and prosecutable under United States federal law—and we will prosecute.

(2) Pornography: We adhere to the COPPA standards and do not allow children under the age of 13 to register without parental consent. That being said, because some of our members may be as young as 13, and we do not have the necessary licensing to display pornographic images, any submission of pornography to our site is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate banishment. To be clear, pornography is defined as the explicit depiction of sexual acts through imagery.

(3) Trolling: Posting ridiculous, nonsensical, irrelevant, racial, disturbing comments, images or links out of context, or simply posting to stir up a ruckus will be met with infractions and/or banishment. This means no threads asking if a member is a troll or whether they should be banned. Report trolls to the moderators, don't make threads about them. That action in itself is classified as trolling. Such threads will be promptly deleted.

(4) Hate Messages: Posting derogatory comments based on religion, race/nationality, sexual identity, or disability is forbidden. We do not tolerate racism or hate messages. Take it somewhere else.

(5) Harassment: Harassing or threatening a member openly or in private messages will lead to permanent banishment from the AO forums. This also includes sexual harassment.

(6) Privacy Violation: Never post private information about another member, ever—even if consent is given. (Let that member post on their own.) This includes phone numbers, addresses, place of employment, Facebook pages, and even IP addresses. If you don't own it, it's best you don't post it.

(7) Multiple Member Accounts: Registering with a second member account is forbidden without prior consent from an administrator. Moderators cannot green-light a second account under any circumstance. Many create a new account simply to have a different display name—ask an administrator if you would like to change your username/display name, but do not create a second account. If you are caught having two accounts, both will be banned.

Infractions from this list hold less weight than those of the Sins, though these rules are equally enforced.

Spam: Defined as unsolicited advertising to a large number of people, spamming our forums will quickly lead to banishment. Do not post links in threads (or within your signature) leading to obvious endorsements or advertisements of consumer goods or services. All posts (including signatures) consisting of such content will be edited or deleted, and repetition of such acts can result in membership banning. If any member is unsure if their post/publication could be classified as spam it is best to consult with a moderator or administrator prior to posting such content.

Do not start a thread or reply only leaving a link and no comments. If you wish others to visit a website that reinforces your point, please make sure that you make some comments of your own instead of just letting the link speak for you. Even if you quote the source from which you are using as a topic, this is still classified as spam [and a violation of copyright laws].

Please do not quote spam or reply to spam threads, as those threads will be deleted along with any posts made within. If spam is posted in the middle of a thread and you quote the spam, the spammer post along with yours will be deleted. Also, please only report one post/thread of spam made by a user, not every one you find by that same account. Excess reports slow down the moderation process. Once you report a spammer, the mods will find the other posts and promptly remove them.

Copyright Violation(s): Armageddon Online respects the original works by authors inside and outside of her community. Do not post/quote entire articles written by outside sources. Posting a paragraph or synopsis of an article in reference to a thread created and then adding a link to the source is perfectly reasonable; but posting the entire article violates international copyright laws. Posts violating such laws will be completely removed. Be smart about what is posted. If you don't own it, don't post it in full.

This rule also applies to posting links to warez sites and/or detailed discussions about how to pirate software, audio or video. Any threads describing how to pirate anything will be deleted and the member initiating the thread will be promptly banned.

Inappropriate Antagonization: Creating a thread or post deliberately meant to antagonize or belittle another member is prohibited and will be met with infractions. Repeat offenses will lead to banishment from the forums. That means no flame wars.

Remember, tear down an argument and not the person making it. Don't post calling someone an idiot or an asshole. Debate in an adult and professional manner. Blatant name-calling and pernicious antagonization can and will lead to getting tossed.

Thread Hijacking/Derailing: Hijacking is when someone purposefully posts content unrelated to the topic at hand in an attempt to derail a thread. We understand that discussions are dynamic and will naturally evolve, sometimes even diverting slightly from the topic. If this is within context of the discussion there is no issue, but starting a flame war within a thread on subjects unrelated to the topic at hand is classified as derailing, and offenders will be infracted. Stay on topic as best as reasonably possible; if you have to deviate drastically, it's best you start your own thread with the different topic, linking back to the original thread if you like.

Excessive Profanity: Cursing is one thing, but excessive profanity can become offensive. Never use profanity in a thread title or in your signature. Moderators won't edit the thread or signature, they will delete it, and you will receive an infraction. Excessive use of words like cunt and fuck in a single post is both immature and subjectively offensive, and you can receive an infraction for excessive profanity. We're not saying you can't curse, just don't go overboard. If you wouldn't say it to your granny, it's best you don't say it here.

Ignoring Minimum Character Limit: We have a minimum character limit for a reason, and that's to encourage members to contribute more to a post than a few periods or a smiley face. If you have nothing to contribute that's fine, but don't attempt to bypass the character limit just to get your post count up. Violators will be infracted and those posts will be deleted. The more often people do this the more frequent we have to update our counters, something we prefer not to do. Bypassing the minimum post count will not only affect you, it inadvertently can punish others if we have to update the counters because of your greed. This is not a chatroom, nor MySpace, nor Facebook. Offer at least a complete sentence in a reply.