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    AO Access and Participation Rules

    These rules cover all aspects of AO including private messaging and social media. This list is never finite nor complete as people are very creative in finding ways to be insolent and cruel. Following them should keep you in safe territory. However, should you create a way to get around them our moderators have few rules restraining them in dealing with it or are required to warn you about it. If you think the rules are ridiculous or you don't wish to follow them you are always free to join another discussion board you agree with. All rules are subject to change without prior notice.

    Censorship and the First Amendment:

    Armageddon Online believes in free thought and the free flow of information. We also believe in the First Amendment and the right to free speech. However, there are some out there that believe only they can determine what is allowable or not, even on property they do not own and/or manage. These people demand the ability to censor our rights regarding what to publish. What these people ignore is that this is a privately owned message board and we have the right through ownership and appointed management to determine without their approval what is acceptable to publish or not.

    As such, we require members to abide by these rules for the good of the entire community not just themselves, and any such law or constitutional rights of your country you think you may have regarding freedom of speech does not apply to this privately owned message board.

    General Rules:

    Illegal Activity - You will not engage in activity and/or provide links or content that promotes or encourages illegal/unlawful activity. This includes but is not limited to denial of service attacks, hacking, warez, code and password cracking, plagiarism, defamation, risk of copyright infringement, threatening others, cyberstalking and information that promotes the takeover of discussion boards or otherwise violates any laws. Doing so can result in immediate banning and you being reported to the proper legal authorities.

    Inappropriate Activity - You will not engage in posting or promoting objectionable and/or inappropriate, rude, obscene, pornographic or vulgar content which includes links, photos, images, memes, graphics and videos. This also extends but is not limited to gore and extremely violent imagery.

    Advertisements - No spam! You will not provide links to obvious endorsements, affiliate programs or other similar advertisements for consumer goods and services. All posts including this type of content will be edited and the member may face being banned. If you are unsure contact a moderator. All other advertisements are through our own affiliates and prepaid vendor program only.

    Multiple Accounts - Multiple accounts are not allowed and unless asking for a family member any extra accounts created without prior permission will be banned along with your account.

    Personal/Private Information - Never, ever post the private information and/or contents of PMs of yourself or anyone else. This includes emails, phone numbers, addresses, places of employment and even pictures claiming they are of the person you are outing. Doing any of this will result in editing, deletion and your account being banned.

    Discrimination and Hate Language – Except for discussing etymology or causes/origins, never post content that is biased, bigoted, discriminates and/or promotes hatred and hatemongering. This includes but is not limited to; racist content including reverse racism, gender, political and ideological affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability and national origin. If you are broad-brushing an entire group of people based on what a few are doing and not providing factual evidence to back up your claims, you are breaking this rule.

    Threatening Legal Action – Threatening legal action against a discussion board provided without cost to you, that you voluntarily joined and/or voluntarily accessed that you were free to leave at any time and choose never to access again will result in your being permanently banned.

    Member Participation Responsibility:

    Discussion of Moderation - Public discussion about moderator actions is not allowed and almost always their decisions are final. However, if you disagree with the decision of a moderator you do have an option. You are to contact the moderator through private message and as accurately and factually as possible describe why you do not agree with their decision. They will then explain why they took action and may but are not required to reverse or adjust their decisions. If you still do not agree you can privately contact the currently active administrator for a review. All administrator decisions are final. Do not repost any deleted, edited or modified content.

    We unfortunately came to this decision because of the constant whining and complaints usually from trolls because they either didn't like what someone else was doing and complained that moderators did nothing, or, they complained when moderators did do something. You can't have it both ways.

    Disrespect of Other Members - Members will not engage in malicious, disruptive and belittling behavior towards other members. Such activities include but are not limited to; insults, threats, name calling, personal attacks, bigotry, profanity, belligerence, anger towards, excessive sarcasm, antagonizing, harassment(including sexual harassment) and purposeful provocation. Such behavior will result in moderation of content and possible suspensions. Multiple suspensions for similar behavior may get you banned. We take the “be nice” rule seriously. All discussion is to be polite and civil.

    Trolling – Trolling has never been allowed and if you have been repeatedly warned about the same behavior you probably fall under the trolling category. Posting ridiculous, controversial, nonsensical, irrelevant, racial, disturbing and often off-topic comments, images or links, repeatedly making offhand remarks about moderation after being told to stop or simply posting to stir up a ruckus will be met with moderation and suspensions at the least.

    Publicly pointing out another members violations and/or pointing them out as or asking if they are trolls will be considered trolling as well. Use the “Report Post” feature otherwise you may be considered a troll as well. This may also extend to replying to posts that are in violation of the rules.

    Profanity – While profanity will not be banned as it used to be there are limits to it's use. Do not use profanity in thread titles or towards other members and excessive use of it will be edited.

    Post Content Standards:

    When you register to join AO and participate you are agreeing to become part of a community, which means that you are voluntarily becoming an integral part of a worldwide discussion platform. You are the only one responsible for the content that you post. It is not up the reader to decipher your meanings or to try to read your mind. Likewise, it is not up to you to decide for someone else what they are thinking. If you are asked to clarify something please do so without delay or complaint.

    Language – The only language to use on this forum is English. If English is not your native language please use a translation tool in order to post in English. Google has a decent one but it isn't perfect. If you have difficulty posting a particular idea ask the members or a moderator for assistance. Also please be clear that you are having trouble. Native English speakers should be respectful and supportive.

    Spelling and Grammar – Use correct spelling and grammar(or as close as you can if English isn't your first language) when typing up a post. Do not resort to internet slang and texting shortcuts to communicate. Posts that are difficult to read may be edited or deleted without notice.

    Topic Titles, Content and Discussion – Nothing can be more confusing than to see the title of a thread and go to it to find that the content doesn't resemble the title. Use a title that represents the content of your post clearly and make an effort to be clear in your post. Do not use cryptic language and riddles unless you include an explanation as to what they mean. This forum had always tried to be factually based in the past and the information in your posts should reflect that return to it now. Also don't cross post the same content. You can provide a link in one section to your post in another if you wish.

    Thread Hijacking/Derailing - Hijacking is when someone purposefully posts content unrelated to the topic at hand in an attempt to derail a thread. Derailing a thread is posting anything that swings the thread off topic. We understand that discussions are dynamic and will naturally evolve, sometimes even diverting slightly from the topic. If this is within context of the discussion there is no issue but make that connection clear. Stay on topic as best as reasonably possible; if you have to deviate drastically, it's best you start your own thread with the different topic, linking back to the original thread if you like.

    Sources – When making an accusation or providing information or quotes use a credible source such as mass media that clearly shows your position. Yes mass media can be biased but it's usually closer to the truth than many of the “truther” sites out there providing some veracity to your content not just your opinion. We're trying to get away from looking like the conspiracy kook site reputation that developed over the last decade. Back up your claims or clearly state that what you're posting is an opinion.

    Quoting and Copyright – When quoting a source use as little of that source as possible to convey your message in order to protect the author and source material's copyright. This also includes when quoting from another members post so as not to force the reader to try and find what you are basing your comments on. Also, when quoting a post make sure to edit down the post so you don't have a huge wall of text and your one line comment. Lastly include a link to the original source. The original source may NOT be the source where you first found your information, it may have come from elsewhere.

    Videos and Images – Except for the “What Are You Listening To Now” thread and a few other relevant General Chat discussions, all images and videos must include content with them. Don't just post a video or image and make the reader try to guess why you are sharing it and no, the title is not enough. Include relevant content. Additionally off-topic and cryptic video posting without explanation will be deleted without notice.

    Disagreeing with another Member - At no time is it okay to insult another member for their post content. Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't mean it's an open invitation to accuse them of being on drugs, have poor hygiene or that you have done their mom. None of that is relevant. Focus on the content only, use factual evidence to refute their claims and remain civil. The same goes for those defending their positions. Make your arguments politely.

    Discussion Board Management and Member Concerns:

    The purpose of discussion board management is to manage and direct the flow of discussion and to ensure the rules are being followed. There are times when members must be redirected and/or content edited to comply with the rules.

    At no time is it ever acceptable nor is it an open invitation for a member of board management to be treated poorly when conducting their duties. Likewise, it is never acceptable for a member to break the rules in order to insult and/or accuse a moderator of breaking the rules in the performance of their job. For example; a moderator warning a member that they are off topic and then the member replying that the warning is off topic. This immature behavior constitutes trolling and luckily most people that don't have an immature agenda don't behave this way.

    Since moderators and admins are also members they are also expected to follow the rules...except in the performance of their duties where it becomes necessary to bend or break some to conduct disciplinary action such as described above. It is unfortunate that in some cases a member has become so obstinate that direct, blunt and terse language must be used to deescalate a situation.

    When the rules are violated it is the purpose of a moderator to look over the posted content and make a decision in respect of the rules. If we decide the rules have been violated we may edit or delete posts and depending on the severity and/or number of occurrences disciplinary action may be deemed necessary including suspensions and even banning.

    Our decisions are based on the rules in respect of what is the best for the community, NOT the individual. Moderators are not stupid nor are we trying to purposely pull rules out of our asses to ruin your day. The rules are to keep discussion relatively consistent and flowing. Someone has to be available to make decisions about issues that come up and in respect of the rules. It's up to the moderators and admins to make those decisions and they may be made at any time with little to no warning.

    As stated above under “Discussion of Moderation”, if you have a question, concern or issue with a moderator contact them privately and describe whatever it is with as much fact as possible. Any general and/or board related issues can be posted in the “Report & Support” or “Suggestions & Feedback”.

    We hope you understand the necessity of rules and guidelines in keeping the atmosphere friendly, the discussion flowing smoothly and the community participation civil and respectful.

    ~Your AO Team

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